Dear Corona Virus,

Everyone is panicking, toilet papers are flying, countries are in lockdown, and all exams are cancelled. *sigh*, it is certainly a lot to take in especially at this age and you know, with all the hormones and stuff rocking in there! 😑! But there is some positivity within all this, pollution levels have reduced completely, the world has slowed down, family time is increasing, basically the world is taking a BREAK. Now as every situation, there are positives and negatives. My heart constantly keeps weeping for every soul we lost in this struggle, from doctors to parents to children to just any human. 😭! Imagine we were in such a situation where our loved ones were at risk?

Sri Lanka, as a little island on the Indian Ocean, is not so developed as other nations (we are still developing, we will hopefully get there overtime) and therefore I really have to appreciate our government’s efforts to control this virus. Sri lanka shut down and I REPEAT, “SHUT DOWN”, all it’s school when there were only 2 active coronavirus cases in the country, and trust me, I thought they were just being dramatic and overreacting. But now, seeing other suffering of other nation plus the spike in cases, I truly have to salute the government for their efforts. Almost the entire island has been in a state of curfew since last week, with short breaks in between, and Allhamdulliah (all praise is to God) we have managed to control the virus to a certain extent. 😌!

So, I urge everyone, just stay at home and when you do buy groceries don’t be a covidiot, others have to wash their hands too for you to be safe! 💚

(Meaning of Covidiot according to Macmillan dictionary- an insulting term for someone who ignores health advice about Covid-19, hoards food unnecessarily, etc.)

Let’s not dismember all those health workers laying down their lives to aid us!💝

Now one thing, that has happened between all of this is that exams are cancelled. I was due to do my o-levels this May/June, and as every student was working hard for it! So right now, I am really nervous on how we are going to be graded, so please pray for me, I hope my efforts don’t go to waste.

I pray that all countries find a way out of this, and the world heals soon. Corona has to stop and so does the deaths!


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