My Microwave DISASTER!

If you are a beginner in the field of baking, then this blog post is for you.

Just a month or so ago, I decided to make a two ingredient Nutella Lava cake. There was a small part in the recipe when you must mix the egg whites gradually with the Nutella, and this provides a very thick mixture. Therefore, this mixture had to be put into the microwave for it to loosen and for the Nutella to melt further. The period for the mixture to rest in the microwave was not given. Oops!

I am new to baking as I mentioned above, and I also didn’t know how exactly to handle the microwave😐. Thus, what I did had disastrous consequences. I installed the mixture into the microwave and left it heating for one whole minute.

Outside the microwave the entire kitchen started to smell like baked brownies. Nevertheless, my mind did not alert me of the blunder I had committed unknowingly. I was chilling (typical me) and waiting for my mixture to come out melted so that I can add the remaining egg whites, mix everything together and put it in the oven to bake.

So, after waiting an entire minute with the background smell like baked brownies, I eventually took my mixture out and found out that it was fully BAKED! This led to a crash of my baking session

I am writing this blog post to all those people who are beginners in the baking field to let them know that they should never put any mixture in the microwave, for a minute. Because the mixture will not loosen and melt rather it would bake!

Beware fellow mates! And learn from my STUPID mistakes! 😂

Stay safe please!


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