The Landing and Fireflies Tour!

Our trip to KK, was a hasty decision taken within just three days. We were in Brunei and wanted an adventurous place to visit, KK was perfect as it was close to Brunei but at the same time was somewhere, we hadn’t visited as of yet. 😀! From Brunei we drove all the way to the border where Brunei met a small part of Malaysia, and oh boy, what a mini road trip it was, with the highways in Brunei getting around within the country is a piece of cake! We entered a small part of Malaysia called Miri (a very popular spot with the Bruneians) and took a flight from the Miri airport. It was thankfully, only a half an hour flight (PS- I hate planes, especially when my ears hurt) *phew*!

The sky outside was simply stunning! 💛

The Landing was quick, and even though the ride was for a minute time, we were exhausted, we went to our hotel and rested a bit, and of course had lunch (eating is a must),before we were picked up for the fireflies tour we had booked online previously.

A the name suggests it was supposed to be a fireflies tour. Before that though we were taken to a small island, the journey was by van, were we could do some batik art, and get a temporary henna tattoo.

The path to the island!
My batik work!

We also got to watch the sunset near the shore, and gosh what a wonderful sight it was! It made me really feel thankful to God to giving me an opportunity to witness the beauty of his creations! 💖

Unfortunately, immediately after the sky being cracked into an egg, it started to rain. Yet in the rain we were taken to see the fireflies on a boat, but they unfortunately weren’t willing to come out, so we only saw a few, and couldn’t take any pictures of them! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day filled with a lot of sunsets and colors!

That my readers, was just a glimpse of day one, await the blog post on day two at KK!😺


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