The Hate U Give!

TITLE– The Hate U Give

AUTHOR– Angie Thomas


BLURB– Starr lives in two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she was born and raised and her posh high school in the suburbs. The uneasy balance between them is shattered when Starr is the only witness to the fatal shooting of her unarmed best friend, Khalil, by a police officer. Now what Starr says could destroy her community. It could also get her killed.

CATERGORY– 15 and above


GENRE– Young Adult Fiction

ISBN– 978-1-4063-7215-1

First of all, this book was not recommended by my friends.

Last week, I visited Makeens in Sri Lanka and decided to grab some fiction books to read! I didn’t have a personal TBR list, therefore I followed recommendations on the internet. I found out that “The Hate U Give” was one of the best-selling books, so, I decided to go buy it off the shelf in Makeens. I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed after the reading the book, I loved it to be honest. The author was very detailed and it felt like I was living with the characters throughout the book. Her descriptions made me feel like I was watching a movie and not reading the book. On that point, there is a movie based on this book, in case you’re not a book person then the movie might help.

The books started with Starr attending a party in her neighborhood, that she is not supposed to attend, but due to Kenya’s (her friend) insistence she turned up. Her parents don’t exactly encourage her to attend parties in her neighborhood or be too close with anyone specifically in her neighborhood, this is exactly why she and her brothers attend totally different school that is 45 minutes’ drive away from her house. At the party Starr meets her close childhood friend, Khalil, while they chat a shooting takes place at the party itself. Starr and Khalil flee the scene. Khalil offers Starr a drive home and she accepts the offer.

While in the car Khalil and Starr listen to rapper Tupac Shakur’s song, and Khalil explains the meaning of a well-known phrase of Tupac, “Thug Life”. As they continue with their journey officer one-fifteen pulls Khalil over. Starr who has had a talk with her parents about how she should react when a police officer stops her, advises Khalil and tells him to follow the commands of the officer. One-fifteen asks Kahlil to get out of the car and checks him, patting him thrice. Khalil is asked to remain near his car while the officer heads back to his patrol car. Khalil disobeys him and leans forward to ask Starr if she is fine. Those were the last words Khalil uttered before he died.

Read the book to find out how Khalil died. Starr was the only person who witnessed his death, could this fact put her and her family in hot water?

In many parts of the book you would also find Starr trying to balance her two worlds. One her posh school and posh friends, on the other hand her neighborhood and area friends. Starr is a totally different person with each world, therefore she has two identities to maintain. But what would happen if both worlds collide?

Overall, I found this book interesting and I loved how the author covered every part of Starr’s life. After reading this book I was certainly grateful that I lived somewhere safe, where my life isn’t threatened.

This is a book you must certainly read.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR– Angie Thomas was born, raised and still resides in Jackson, Mississippi. She is a former teen rapper whose greatest accomplishment was having an article about her in Right on! magazine. She has an BFA in Creative Writing and is a winner of the inaugural Walter Deen Myers Grant 2015, awarded by We Need Diverse Books. The Hate U Give is her first novel!

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