The making of the DALGONA Coffee!

Oof!! So, to start off I was being super SUPER dumb and used black coffee, two whole times instead of Nescafe/ instant coffee and I ended up hand whisking for an entire 35 minutes, without any result😫, trust me my hands were dying, literally DYING! But the third time was the charm, and I managed to make it YAY, that was only after I put up a plea on my WhatsApp status and requested all the viewers to send in advice and suggestions about how to make the ULTRA FAMOUS quarantine drink. So, thanks to all the people in my contact list I figured out that black coffee won’t work instead I’ll have to get hold of Nescafe! 😃! Thereafter I got hold of Nescafe and Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) I made it! 😁


  • INSTANT coffee (better to use Nescafe)- 2 tablespoons
Instant coffee flavor that I used!
  • Sugar- 2 tablespoons
  • Warm water- 2 tablespoons
  • Milk – amount should sum up to half of the glass that you are going to use
  • Ice cubes- any amount you prefer


1. Add all your ingredients in a bowl and using a hand mixer or a whisk mix them together thoroughly for about 5 minutes.

The whisked coffee!

2. Pour the milk into your glass and then add the ice cubes in, on top of that pour in your whipped coffee

Voila! You’re done, now enjoy! 😋

Overall I found this drink yummy, but it was a teeny bit too strong so maybe next time I ll tone down the Nescafe and also increase the amount of sugar I added, like this girl needs things to be SWEET! But other than that it was worth the hype!:)

That’s it for today Stormies, hope you guys will try this out and also enjoyed the post!



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