Ombre Canvas painting!?

Canvas art is one of my favorite💓 past time hobbies, a perfect quarantine activity! But one issue I have with dying canvases with color is that there is literally NO place at home to display them. Which is sad, since that means, I can’t make paint many canvases nor can I display my talent.

Well if you’ve known me for quite a while you would understand that I never ever give up! I made this canvas within three days and now it has been displayed in the living room in my art corner ( I’ll blog about this in the future). If you want to find out how I created that piece of art, continue reading this post.

  • I measured the length of the canvas since this canvas was square-shaped, all the sizes measured the same length (30*30). Then I chose one side of the canvas and kept it in a vertical position.

Secondly, I divided the canvas into five equal parts each measuring 6cm. This step could differ from person to person as the canvas you guys have might be a different size. You may also choose to divide your canvas into more parts that five too.

Starting from the right I started painting each individual part separately. For this canvas I decided to stick to the color of pink (you can stick to any other tint you wish). Therefore, I painted the first block a dark pink. To obtain this dark pink I mixed maroon with a bit of red and white, I did this since I didn’t have a dark shade of pink available at home. I painted the farthest corner dark pink, to the block next to it, I mixed the dark pink with a teeny bit of white and painted that block. I kept doing the same for the next two blocks each time adding white paint to the pink that was left over. By painting it this way you could positively see that there is a color contrast between the left and right sides of the canvas. The right side is a darker pink while the left side has a lighter pink shade.

Watch this tutorial to see how an ombre effect can be created!
  • Next, I took a toothbrush and dipped in diluted maroon+red paint and sprinkled it throughout the canvas. (this step is optional)
  • Later, I did the lettering with a pencil and finally went over it with white paint. (Be careful with this step especially if you want the lettering to be extremely fine, then I advise, you use a thin paint brush).
Choose your brushes wisely! For lettering it’s best to choose the finest tip!
  • Now finally, the part I was anticipating this whole process, ahhh! Using glitter!! So, I outlined the “sparkle” word using glue and filled it in with glue and then sprinkled the glitter all over. I would suggest you lay a newspaper under your canvas for this step therefore you will be able to minimize the glitter waste.
The final output!!:)

The main reason for me to include a quote involving the word “sparkle”, was because I have been itching to use glitter in my artworks!💖 The fate of glitter and me have somehow been intertwined! 😃! It runs in my veins I guess *me being cheesy now*!!

I hope this blog post was helpful and you guys learnt a LOT of tips and TRICKS!

Stay safe! God Bless! Tata Stormies!

-NabeeHa 💟

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