Earth Day + TIPS on how to save the ENVIRONMENT in 2020

Ahhh!! It’s earth day! Earth day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection! ♥️

So true!

This year’s theme for EARTH DAY is CLIMATE CHANGE. An ever-growing concern to the environment, us and all beings around the world. The rapid changes in weather around the world will affect our lives in some way or another, and can the animals around the world cope up with the rapid changes? No, many of them might go EXTINCT. Climate change needs to be paused at any cost. I can literally feel Global Warming, Sri Lanka keeps getting warmer day by day and you can feel it (my parents lived in a much cooler planet💦). Adapting to climate change won’t be easy, either we stop it or suffer the consequences. Have you ever pondered upon the thought, that the Earth with God’s grace provides us soo much on a daily basis, the sun with energy and a natural source of light, the clouds a shade from the scorching sun, the rain a provision of water for the vegetation, the soil a source in which plants may grow for our advantage, the moon provides tranquility at night, air provides us with gases for inspiration, plants give us medicinal drugs, oceans are a source of energy, fish in the sea is a source of living and something we ingest. God has given us soo much through nature, but the real question is what have we done to protect it? What have we done to conserve it? That is what we need to focus on! ♥️🤗

One quote that woke me up from my ignorant sleep! AS far as humans have ventured, earth is the only habitable planet so far!

In honor of earth day, I’ve gathered tips that we can use in the year 2020, to save this planet.

1.Plant trees to mark new beginnings- many people around the world celebrated the New Year by poisoning the environment with firecrackers, instead of following the norm, me and my brother decided that we were going to plant a tree to celebrate the new year (I am not like other girls, and he’s not like other boys). There are certain tribes around the world who, when a baby girl is born, they don’t throw lavish parties, or do things that damage the environment, but instead plant a tree at the birth of a baby. How beautiful is that, look at the love they have for the environment. Do we have the same love?

In Sri Lanka a company now makes paper out elephant poop (organic) than using cellulose from the trees!

One thing I have always thought of is why exams are conducted on paper? Can’t we use the digital devices instead?

2. Follow the 3 R’s system– reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce the waste you buy off grocery shelves, for example if your hand wash liquid is over then don’t buy an ENTIRE hand wash liquid bottle again, instead buy a refill for the liquid. Why waste plastic? WHY? ☹

When you follow the above example, you are both reusing and at the same time reducing your waste. A way to recycle is to make sure you buy organic products that can decompose and avoid plastics that cannot be recycled!

3. Conserve water– It is approximated that by 2050 we will run out of water! 😣! Imagine a world without water, IMAGINE, our bodies cannot function without water, metabolism will not work, we will eventually die due to dehydration. Make sure you take shorter showers and try to minimize the water waste when washing the dishes. Once a resource is lost, we CANNOT easily get it back! 😔. FUN FACT- People steal water in this era, water might be a source of wealth later onward, so CONSERVE IT! 😑

4. Don’t Pollute– Pollution is a substance when introduced or present in the environment will have harmful effects. And a good example will be our water sources, where people constantly seem to throw their rubbish and plastics! Have you ever heard of the ‘Save the Turtles’ movement? Why did this start? Due to turtles dying as they had ingested a lot of plastic. With the human psychology, we will fail to understand certain things unless it affects us! Now how will plastic in these marine bodies affect us? We eat them, duh! So technically the rubbish you throw into the water sources, you will ingest (EWWWWW), and it will get accumulated in your bodies, now God knows what that will turn into! 😕!

Don’t kill the marine animals!

Firstly, don’t pollute water sources and secondly don’t throw your rubbish anywhere else. It is visually polluting.


Another form of pollution is air pollution, this is due to burning fossil fuels, vehicle emissions or even factory emissions. The burning of these fuels causes harmful gases such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides to enter the air, which can in turn lead to acid rain. There is nothing much an individual can do to stop this type of pollution, maybe you can drive less, use public transport, bicycles or even walk instead!

By reducing pollution, we can reduce the effects of climate change because pollution contributes to climate change.

5. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags- what is the purpose of using bags? In order to carry things, so we might as well use a cloth bag as it will serve the same purpose. When you go shopping make sure you take a cloth bag with you and stuff your items into that cloth bag, don’t use a plastic bag instead! Keells in Sri Lanka gives you a discount if you bring your own bag for your groceries, isn’t that wonderfully eco-friendly. Another supplement can be using metal straws instead of plastic ones. Let’s think of more! 😎

6. Don’t OVER consume electricity – the reason for burning fossil fuels is mainly, for electricity production. If we can reduce power consumption, we will automatically be reducing pollution, and global warming.

7. Education– another, very effective way of controlling climate change and pollution is by educating people on the value of our environment. Sharing this post itself is a form of education. Whenever you see someone doing injustice to the environment then stop them and advice them kindly!🙂

These are a few tips I came up with, but it’s not the limit, the sky is NOT the limit, there is an entire galaxy after. So, let’s be innovative and think of more tips, apply more tips, in order to save Mother Nature. It’s time we paid her something back! ❤! Let’s not let the corona virus hinder our individual efforts to save this planet and stop climate change! I was really hyper throughout this post😂, but bear with me guys, it’s a topic I am really passionate about! 💚

Happy Earth Day! 🌍


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