Ramadan Kareem, PEOPLE!!

Ramadan Kareem guys! Hope it’s been going good so far. Just got started here in Sri Lanka! 🤩! And the first days are always a teeny bit difficult, but once you get used to it, Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) fasting will be easy! ❤

Dates we use in order to break our fast!

I know that this Ramadan will be very different from my previous ones😶, as we will probably be under lock down, so that means no iftar parties, no Eid shopping and only God knows if we will get to celebrate Eid even?

What is Ramadan?

I don’t know if most of my readers know what Ramadan exactly is🤔, so, Ramadan is a blessed month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims around the world observe fast from the time of subuh (5:32am approx.) till the azan (call for prayer) for maghrib (6:22 PM approx.)(note that the timings vary from country to country!).

Basically, when a Muslim fast, we abstain from ingesting any kind of materials, such as food and water. Fasting is fard (compulsory) for any adult Muslim during the month of Ramadan. But there are exceptions when you can skip your fast and make up for it later. If you are travelling, pregnant or menstruating or even sick, then fasting shall not be a compulsory act for you.

Ramadan (fasting) helps a Muslim understand the difficulties that the poor😓 and less fortunate may go through at a daily basis. It is also a month in which Muslims perform a higher number of good deeds and cleanse themselves morally, physically and mentally.

So now I think, since I have given you guys a basic idea about Ramadan, I can now move on to the goals I have set, for this year for Ramadan. 😉

Ramadan goals!!

1. I plan on completing the entire Quran once again this Ramadan! 😊

2. Since I wake early for suhoor I want to try praying tahajjud at least 15 times this Ramadan.

3. This time Tarawih will not be held for the Muslim women or men in Sri Lanka due to safety precautions that need to be observed due to the corona virus. Therefore, I hope that I’ll be able to pray tarawih at home by myself for at least 15 days.

4. By the end of Ramadan I also hope that I would have completed my Tafseer (understanding the Quran) course successfully and will start being more steadfast in my religion.

The course I am following!❤

5. By the end of this Ramadan I hope that I would have forgiven people who had hurt me in the past and at the same time gotten forgiven from the people that I would have hurt accidentally or intentionally.

6, I also hope that throughout this Ramadan I would have reduced using technology and increased good deeds and ibadah (acts of worship).

7. I hope by the end of this Ramadan that I would’ve memorized the last two verses of Surah Baqarah! 💚

8. I will also try to smile more often throughout Ramadan and try to improve my facial expression while talking. 😁

9. I will try and upload one teaching per day on my WhatsApp status in order to increase others knowledge.

10. I will Insha Allah (God willing), try to keep dhikr before bedtime. 🤲

I hope this post was very informative and you guys learned a lot about Ramadan. Let me know about your Ramadan goals too!! 😊! And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them down in the comments section below, I will try my best to answer them! Stay safe and Stay home, stormies!


25 thoughts on “Ramadan Kareem, PEOPLE!!

  1. Ramadan Mubarik!! Amazing goals Ma sha Allah. May Allah give you and I strength, dedication and consistency to accomplish our Ramadan goals ❤.
    It’s 3:54 am to 6:47 pm here in Pakistan today!
    May Allah accept our Ibadah. Ameen.

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  2. Ramadan mubarak, great goals that you have set and I love your blog! It has taken a whike to find a beautiful, muslim friendly blog on WordPress and I cannot express my happiness having found your blog…

    I pray for you to have a blessed ramadan and may Allah make these fasts easy for you. Ameen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Subhanallah lovely goals!
    Hope you achieve it, inshallah!
    Mine is same as you trying to complete a Qur’an inshallah! I have less immunity. It is really difficult to eat during sehri! Thanks for sharing!
    Ramdan Kareem ❤

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