5 tips to BOOST your MENTAL HEALTH during the corona virus pandemic!

It’s almost been a month stuck at home and some of us are already complaining of losing sanity. It’s understandable, though! 😐!! But we must be grateful that we are at home and not at some hospital, that thought alone is comforting, and helps me cope up with staying indoors.

During this pandemic we MUST stay physically fit, this could include, having a balanced diet and avoiding junk food, as it can help strengthen our immune system further, and destroy the deadly virus!

 Another aspect we must focus on is our mental health, staying cooped up at home can really affect us, and if you are under lock down all by yourself without your family members around you, you must certainly be feeling a BIT TOO ISOLATED!!😔! At this time of distress many will be panicking due to the fear of the virus, this takes a toll on their mental health. Many around the world have lost their jobs in the light of this pandemic and some have no pay, all these factors, further take a toll on a being’s mental health. Furthermore, mothers and fathers around the world may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they now have to do at home (my mum sure is😣, help them out where possible!!), with the kids also now at home, full time, their mental health can get affected to a great extent. 

I have gathered some tips, that I believe are suitable to BOOST our mental health during this disastrous period of our lives and calm us all down. CALM DOWN PEOPLE, we are all in this together!!♥️😄. We will get through it Insha Allah (God willing)!

Disclaimer- I am not a mental health expert! Or a psychologist!

1. Take breaks from the media/news

With the advancement of technology, within the blink of eye, news from all over the world will be available at your fingertips. While you might want to keep updated on safety precautions and the situation of your country, don’t OVER do it. The negative attention around the corona virus can be very damaging to the brain. By continuously reading news reports one can get extremely anxious, so it’s best we only look at the news at certain allocated times, maybe just for 15 minutes per day and no more! 🤗!

DON’T continuously track the virus and wait for live updates, for example. This can cause the downfall of your mental health and make you feel overwhelmed. 😣

2. Don’t isolate yourself or others

Stay connected with you relatives and loved one! In no way should you stop communicating, as either you will isolate yourself with all the worrying thoughts, or another loved one with thoughts of this calamity. Speaking to others will always help and if the anxiety gets out of control then it’s best to contact a mental health expert. Communicating can be easily done through apps like WhatsApp, Zoom or even Skype!

3. Follow a routine

The first thing you shouldn’t EVER do is idle and let your mind wander🙇‍♀️ into darker places. Instead set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Have a bath, get some makeup on, video call if needed and jog around your house, if under curfew. JUST DO SOMETHING AND STAY OCCUPIED. Make sure you get enough sleep and consume a healthy diet, don’t let your tummy grumble. I think one thing that has really changed due to staying indoors, is my sleep pattern, I end up sleeping really late and then waking up early, hence having to put up with all these headaches, SO NEXT TIME I am going to bed early! 🛌

4.Take care of your body

Make sure you follow basic self-care, like flossing, brushing your teeth, getting plenty of sleep, enjoying a bit of sunshine, write or draw or create something extraordinarily new within your kitchen walls. Pamper yourself a bit too! 😏! And just have fun, you don’t know when you’ll get a time like this again with ample seconds down your toes!

5.Help and Support others

NOW now, let’s not be selfish, NOT be selfish and if we know anyone else is going through a bad phase like ours, let’s reach out and help. Let’s extend those long hands now😁. Everyone deserves love, care and a dedicated friend, let’s show them that they are a special little individual deserving all the love the world can give.

So that was today’s top five Fridays post, a very different one from all the top five food ones I did! Let me know on what you guys will like to see from me. Don’t be shy in  the comment section! Au revoir, stay safe and God bless.


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