Sonic The Hedgehog!

Another one of the basic quarantine boredom hacks, that you absolutely cannot avoid is a nice little movie, with a LOT of popcorn! ❤

Title- Sonic the Hedgehog

Genre– Comedy, Live action, Adventure, Family

Initial Release– February 9, 2020

Directed by– Jeff Fowler

Duration– 1 hour and 40 minutes

Rating– 10/10

This was a very unexpected movie for me at least, to start off I really wasn’t motivated to watch this movie, but due to my brother’s moaning, I gave in and don’t regret it one bit. This girl got a bit emotional at the end as well😁, typical me!

The movie starts with Sonic, a bright blue hedgehog who is often featured in the global blockbuster video game franchise from Sega, that I have seen A LOT of people play, running around his town/place of birth. But he is spotted by the Echidnas😔 who seek his power, which enables him to run at a supersonic speed. In order to protect sonic from the Echidnas, his caretaker, Longclaw the Owl, sends him to earth through the help of the rings, and provides him with an extra pack of rings for EMERGENCY use only.


Ten years later, Sonic enjoys a quiet and peaceful life at Green Hills, Montana, while stalking two humans, nicknamed “Donut Lord”( Tom Wachowski) and “Pretzel Lady”(Maddie) (Sonic is very creative when it comes to naming others😂, we can all see that can’t we?!). Even though Sonic has most of the things he needs he yearns a true friend and constantly feels lonely😥, his only two ‘close to friends’ humans, are Tom Wachowski and Maddie, who he knows of, but they don’t know him. While Sonic carries on with his lonely life, Tom Wachowski, and Maddie plan on relocating to San Francisco soon, as Tom had been accepted by the Police Department there.

Tom and Maddie

One-night Sonic plays baseball all by himself and becomes so upset of his loneliness, he runs at his supersonic speed (like really fast you guys!), and this results in a power cut to the entire town of Green Hills!😥! A meeting is held at the Pentagon and it is decided that, Roboticist and scientific genius Doctor Robotnik will be investigating this case further on, to find a reason for the power outage. Doctor Robotnik tracks down Sonic, using his footsteps, a panicked Sonic decides to flee earth and go to Mushroom Land. He goes to Tom Wachowski’s shed, and gets shot by Tom using a tranquilizer, in his drowsiness, a ring opens to San Francisco and his entire bag of rings falls on a rooftop in San Francisco. Robotnik tracks down Sonic, and reaches Tom’s house where, Sonic is discovered! 😓! They both (Tom and Sonic) flee Green Hills together.

Robotnik and his assistant!

The main aim of Robotnik is to use Sonic in lab experiments and take advantage of Sonic’s superpower! 🤔

Given out half the movie at least! No more spoilers’ peeps, you have got to watch the movie and find out the rest for yourselves but trust me the movie is GOOD! And you will not regret it! 👍!

In this movie all Sonic craved for was a true friend, at times do not we want that too, someone we could always depend on and someone who will be honest to us and not be disloyal. I sure do, at school it took me a long while to get settled and find true friends. Most of the people I met were fake, good to my face, bad behind my back, and sadly, I think that is how the world is! But Allhamdulliah (all praise is to God) last year I made some friends and soo far everything is been going well, HOPEFULLY it continues that way! That was such a random paragraph 😅! If you guys are going through a tough time you can always reach out in the comment section or head over to CONTACT US!

Hope this movie review was an informative one! Adios Amigos!💥


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