24Hrs in Brunei!!

This piece of writing is one that hits close to home, and it all began when my teacher demanded that I write an descriptive essay on the topic, “My favorite holiday location”, if you guys have been following me for a while, then you know that my mind would’ve automatically chose Brunei, my second home!❤!

I tried not to exaggerate the details too much while writing this, and kept it realistic as possible. It was a pleasure to write this essay (my teacher was VERY happy with the results😁), hope you guys will have a happy read too.

” Welcome to Brunei! You have successfully landed at the Bandar Seri Begawan airport”, the sign above my head read. The stuffy smell inside the vehicle was not at all what I had smelt when I had stepped outside the airport. I rolled down the shutter to let that smell freely tickle the surface of my nostrils, yet again.

As I gazed outside the window, I saw a range of pixels boasting over hundred different tints of green with a blast of various shades of white, hiding within those patches of green. I almost felt as if I was in the Amazon forest and not in the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah highway. Even the signs by the roadside were infested in green, on those boards were inked in white paint, words such as “Allhamdulliah, Allahu Akbar” and ” Subhan Allah”. Suddenly a shiver ran down my spine as I heard a gasp escape my brother’s mouth. He seemed to be pointing at something outside of the vehicle. Curiosity got the better of me. I twisted my head and gawked in the same direction, my tongue went dry and my nerves refused to move, when I laid my eyes on the Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. The dome of the mosque was as golden as the shiny sun, four sturdy towers rose patterned in blue, each tower had a mini gold dome installed on top of it, what a grand site it was.

From sutera.co

The sudden rumbling of my tummy caused my eyes to divert their attention to my silver-plated wristwatch. The face of the clock read 2:30. After a journey lasting ten minutes, the jeep finally halted in front of a restaurant named “Rice Bowl”. The interior of the place was extremely simple, black tables, wooden chairs, a separate table at which you could serve water and spicy sambal for yourself and the artistic wall of the restaurant. The heart of the restaurant was the wall filled with various drawings drawn by customers, I spotted a few of future Leonardo Da Vinci’s pieces of work on that wall. The food I ordered; Vietnamese Beef Rice arrived in a large circular white bowl. At the center was a dollop of rice floating in beef broth, to the side was perfectly glazed beef garnished with a few shavings of lentils. Now my nostrils only smelt smoky beef. The scent was making my mouth sweaty that I had to immediately plop a bite in, the softness of the beef melted in my mouth. That meal barely lasted five minutes.

Having spent about five hours in Brunei, I have become well versed with the looks of the Bruneians. Most of them are pale in color, have eyes like the Chinese, and rock naturally cherry colored lips. The men mostly lazed around in t-shirts, shirts, hoodies and jeans. The older men usually wore Baju Melayus, which consists of a collared shirt and pants of the same color and a songket (sarong) made of cotton or a mixture of polyester. The ladies were mostly attired in the Baju Kurang, a long top and a skirt. The locals mostly spoke in whispers and smelt like musk.

The next stop for our day was Jerudong park. The front of it consisted of a huge crown with a gem on it, through which water continuously flowed. The tiles to the amusement park were made of marble like the mosques in Dubai. The first ride I decided to take was the carousel in which I picked, a beautifully decorated horse. My eyes and nose cannot wait to simply explore the rest of Brunei!

Now that didn’t take long to read did it?

Hope everyone is keeping safe!

Let me know on what your favorite holiday location is, in the comment section down below!

Ooh yes, and I finally created my own signature ( I guess you could call it that😂)!

17 thoughts on “24Hrs in Brunei!!

  1. Ive been to Brunei. Such a cool place. While visiting the Museum it was a different experience- basically you cant point with your index finger to the things of prince and kings that ruled the country. So you use your thumb. Jerudong park and the malls were good too. Nice write up! Brings back memories!

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      1. Oh yes they do alot infact! My uncle used to live there so he showed me the place. Mosques, libraries, parks everything is organized and clean.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes they are very environmental friendly too. 💚Lived their for five whole years, and I’ve got to say some of the best years of my life they were. Just the serenity of that place is amazing!🎇


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