Chocolate!! Ahh, just the word makes my heart♥️ beat faster and faster. Chocolates I will never grow out of, never stop loving and never stop craving. I am a typical chocoholic. I simply cannot fathom how people CANNOT like chocolate! Like are you even human? ARE YOU? Like I do not understand how they are human at all. I mean who would not like chocolate come on!! One thing I have been missing a lot is chocolate, cause in Sri Lanka the Colombo City at least has been under lock down in like forever and essential items can be delivered home. Now unfortunately people here do not think that chocolate is an essential item, which is sad, SAD😣, so moi has not got hold of chocolate in like forever!! AHHHHHHH!! That is not enough of moaning, let me. mourn more AHHHHHHHH. I am going to stop because you all probably did not click on this post to see, nah you are not seeing me nor are you hearing me, so to READ me mourn?  😂 Idk people, quarantine is messing with my brain. That is enough of rambling let me scoot on with the post.

1. Ferrero Rocher

Me and this chocolate make a perfect couple, I do not need a human, I just need this chocolate. Each layer of it makes my mouth tingle, and being a hazelnut fan, I cannot get enough. The hazelnut plus chocolate layer on top, then the crease-less smooth chocolate crunchy wafer, which hides the creamy chocolate underneath, centered with a nut. Each time we get chocolates this is a must have, MUST HAVE.

Ferrero Rocher, it all started when Pietro Ferrero began to fulfill his dream of high-quality chocolate in 1942. In 1946, industrial scale production was started. And over the years Ferrero Rocher spread its wings all over the world. YAY!! And here I am in 2020 enjoying every bite of it! 😂♥️! (WOW I totally went overboard)

2.Kinder Bueno

Overall kinder products are extremely yummy, one other favorite of mine from kinder is KINDERJOY, I still love receiving those little toys (what a kid I am😂). Kinder Bueno if you guys do not know is a chocolate layered cream wafer, which is filled with a rich hazelnut cream, topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate. Hazelnut again? huh? Me has some obsession! 😅

Imagine I were the owner of Kinder, I will ship down half the factory products to my home! 

So, I was just doing some research and found out that Kinder chocolates are bad for your health, in the sense they contain harmful substances. So maybe I BETTER start eating this in an extremely limited fashion and not gobble up too much. I need to be healthy alright!


Okay so I first tried this chocolate in Dubai and fell in love with it instantly. Many of you may not know of this chocolate as it is not soo popular. BUT IT HAS TO BE POPULAR, CAUSE IT’S SOO TASTY! It is a candy bar covered with mill chocolate and a light whipped white center. You guys the taste of it, the taste of it is soo good. My mum who is not such a fan of chocolates, loves this, it is her number 1 go to chocolate. If you ever get your hands on this chocolate, then you absolutely NEED to try it.

4.Kit Kat

“Have a break, have a Kit Kat”, haven’t we all heard of that? 😂😅

Kit Kat is an exceedingly popular chocolate and I don’t need to tell you that, as you all probably already know of it. Kit Kat is a chocolate covered wafer bar, produced universally by Nestle! Kit Kat has soo many flavors, green tea, strawberry cheesecake, wasabi, sakura, lemon, to name a few. But this girl just prefers the classic Kit Kat, partly because I have not tasted all those flavors, and personally for me the simpler the better.


Oh, my my! 😀 These little tiny conjoined square based pyramids never cease to amaze me with their taste. Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar brand currently owned by the US confectionery company Mondelez. And GOSH, the dark chocolate Toblerone bars, are my personal favorite kind. 

It is commonly thought that the shape of the Toblerone represents the mountains in Switzerland! BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE, 😐 rather it is based on the shape the dancers, the Folies Bergères make at the end of the show (a pyramid)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! I really appreciate the presence of each and every one of you!



69 thoughts on “Top FIVE favorite CHOCOLATES I LOVE!!

      1. 😂 Thankfully, we are able to go out and about, but have to keep our distance from everyone, so I am able to keep getting chocolate if I need it

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I’m with you on the Toblerone and the Kit Kats. I mean, who doesn’t love a chocolate covered layer of wafers? I like them simple too, the dark chocolate is my favorite.



      1. It is an island! Allhamdulliah it’s okay here, yeah never considered it maybe I should make a post about Sri Lanka. The national language is sinhalese.♥️🌠


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