Welcome to yet another post, by your favorite lifestyle blogger, Nabeeha Jameel! On top five Fridays, I have done my favorite, dishes, desserts, and even chocolate, notice how unhealthy foods overtook these posts, so moi being moi πŸ˜‚ decided that I need to promote some healthy food, like FRUITS!

My dad is a huge FRUITARIAN, he simply loves them and cannot get enough of it, so each time he is present, Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) our house is filled with fruits. Being the product of a FRUITARIAN parent, I to a certain extent love them too! 


Ahh! I cannot get enough of these fruits, their orangish-yellow shades are simply eye catchingly stunning. I love the ripe ones and the unripe ones do very well with a pinch of salt, chilies, and pepper, an aacharu in other words! β™₯️I love it when they have a touch of sweetness and sourness, it is just such a perfect combo together! Dried mangoes are another favorite of mine, I cannot grow out of them, the chewiness and springy touch ahh, craving one right now!! 😍

Mangoes are a wonderful opponent against cancer and fights colon, lung, prostrate and breast cancers well. They are furthermore a good source of vitamin A and promote sight!  An interesting fact about mangoes would be that it is eaten everyday more than any fruit in the world! (Very popular ain’t it? 😎)

Ahh! All these facts just make love mango more. If you guys do not eat mango that often you certainly better start from now onward.

2. Watermelon

Now this fruit, at the same time last year, would not even be on my list. But since Ramadan I have been addicted to this fruit beyond words. We had this fruit for iftar everyday and my GOD I am in love! πŸ€—! I overall prefer biting into it than drinking a juice made of it! The noise when you bite into it, ahh, that noise is qualified enough to annoy my brother (this makes me love the fruit moreπŸ˜‚)!

Watermelon can apparently also reduce the risk of cancer, additionally, it reduces high blood pressure, blood sugar level and most importantly heart disease risk!  Whoa, watermelons are a LIFE SAVER! ❣

The main reason as to why my family decided to have it during iftar was the fact that it was the watermelon season and watermelons help keep you hydrated! Did you know that July is the official watermelon month? I sure did not! πŸ˜‚

3. Pomegranate

Ooh, these little tiny grains, coated with a soft layer ranging from light pink to blood red. One fruit I love, according to various sources pomegranate is a fruit that people will enjoy in paradise. Isn’t that cool (we are having a fruit from heaven!😁)? The pomegranate originates from between the region of Iran and North India and is cultivated over many regions in the Mediterranean!

Pomegranate too, helps avoid cancer, and goes an extra step in pausing/reducing premature aging. Pomegranate, moreover, keeps Alzheimer’s at bay and soothes stomach infection.

4. Durian

So, I am aware that many people do not know too well about this fruit, as it is most often found in the south Asian regions. Durian is a large, according to some smelly, prickly fruit, often compared to a porcupine, but instead durian often has a green shade. AND BELIEVE ME THIS CREAMY FRUIT IS GOOD!! My mum hates it, complains that the fruit makes her feel nauseous, but the rest of us simply cannot get enough of it! 😍. This fruit is creamy, sweet, and rich in flavor, if you do not like the smell then I suggest you hold your nose and eat it, cause the taste is soo worth it. 🀩! Do not judge a fruit by its smell! Let’s give Durian a chance now?

Durian may be banned in most places due to its strong smell, which is sad, I believe that durian must be available everywhere, (ADDICTION ALERT ⚠). Durian is yet another fruit which prevents cancer, aids digestion, prevents insomnia and is anti-aging!

One durian inspired sweet I crave for is Durian Chocolates! A block of milk chocolate centered with durian syrup is one sweet to die for! πŸ˜‹

5. Grapes

β€œGreen, Black, Crimson or Pink?” questioned the shop keeper.

β€œAs long as it’s grapes, I don’t mind” moi said.

Grapes come in a variety of colors and I crave dearly for this squishy fruit! One fruit I can perfectly nail drawing, even as a five-year-old.

Grapes improve kidney health and increase lung support, while at the same time being another fruit which prevents cancer!πŸ’–

With this fruit, we shall end today’s post! Stay safe peeps!πŸ’–
I would sincerely like to thank all my readers for stopping by and taking time off their hectic schedules to listen to my ramblings! I hope all of you have a very peaceful day ahead, and I hope that you enjoy my posts. Happy Blogging!πŸ’Ÿ

67 thoughts on “My TOP FIVE FAVORITE FRUITS!!

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      1. Creamy?πŸ€” I’ll Google this up.

        From the outside, it looks like a sister of Jackfruit though. That means, it is fooling us by those looks!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

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