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This essay was written by moi (of course😂) during my last semester exams. And trust me I smashed this essay even my scrupulous teacher was content. So, I being the blogger I am, decided to share this essay with you guys, and let me know on what you think in the comment section!

PROMPT- “In the fast changing world human relationships are trivialized.” Do you agree? Give examples and reasons to support your view.

With the rise of technological development, people claim that it is easy to maintain relationships with those around you, since distances are shrunk, but the number of elders homes, child homes and divorces are on the rise, ironical isn’t it? So, is technology and the developing world helping us build relationships or trivialize them? With all the advantages, the disadvantages maybe frivolous, but the truth is that due to the fast-changing world human relationships are indeed trivialized.

Due to technological development, new games are being born every minute, and many are free. But they come with a cost, due to those games, family time is no longer being utilized, and board games have been abandoned. Since everyone in this era has a mobile phone, they can choose from more than 10,000 games available in the store. Many play their games with the computer or other users. By doing this they do not play games with their loved ones and build a relationship. By playing with others around you and seeing someone physically present can nurture relationships and create memories! This world just has too many distractions.

I am sure that many of you would have noticed that when families go us for dinner, they do not talk to each other, rather they are either staring at their phone screens or pressing away. Don’t they want to converse with the ones before them? By having face to face interactions relationships can be built further. By pulling your mobile phone out at the dinner table or when someone is conversing with you is, purely disrespectful, it literally means that you aren’t interested with that person or are too busy with your work to spare a bit of attention. Aren’t you trivializing that relationship?

Technology allows us to access many things at the tip of our fingers. This is a positive thing, but over exposure can be dangerous. Many men and women do not value the relationships with their spouses as they can always find an easy replacement through apps such as tinder or dating websites online. And oh my, how perfect everyone looks. This makes partners trivialize their relationships as an easy and better replacement can be found.

The community around us is money driven and would do anything to achieve fame or get their hands-on money. They can kill their own kith and kin for it! Some prioritize money over their family bonds. Some might trivialize relationships with their elderly parents as it might be too embarrassing to care for their now clumsy old parents. Children with this attitude drop their parents off at an elderly home. Weren’t these the same people who took care of the clumsy you? Are not you what you are because of their upbringing, they were not embarrassed! Children such as these care more about their self-respect and dignity than about their old and sick parents.

Bad company is widespread this century, they can cloud your perceptions and lead you towards illegal activities, such as drug trafficking. It is best that we steer clear of these toxic relationships and build good ones.

It is true that technology can help you find new people and make new friends, but that only happens if you use it right. Prioritize and build your old relationships before finding new ones. You might have a 5K following on Instagram but only your family would stand outside the hospital door in case anything happened to you.

BAM!🎆 That ends this post! Do you guys agree? Let me know on your thoughts in the comment section down below! Love y’ll💖

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