Acrylic pour TROUBLES?!!!

I did this canvas on behalf of my class for a teacher who was leaving.

For the background I used, the acrylic pour method again. So the paint just went splat..splat on the canvas, and created this wonderful background that resembled the galaxy. The colors I used for the acrylic pour are:

  • Prussian Blue
  • A bit of black
  • Magenta
  • Mauve
  • And white

After the acrylic pour had completely dried I dipped a toothbrush in pure white paint and sprayed it all over the canvas to represent the stars.

To be honest I had a bit of trouble doing this canvas😢, since the canvas quality was not great (canvas quality matters people!). The canvas also absorbed plenty of paint. So please make sure that you get a good -quality canvas.

After the stars had dried I did the lettering on top with a shiny silver pen.

It didn’t turn out exactly as I had expected it to turn out, but I was satisfied with the results. After all, something that is crafted by hand is more precious to a person than something that was bought off the shelves of a store. Btw, my teacher loved it! So goal smashed!πŸŽ‡

Have you guys done anything like this for your teachers? Let me know down below!

12 thoughts on “Acrylic pour TROUBLES?!!!

  1. I remember making greeting cards for teachers on Teachers’ Day (celebrated in India on September 5th) back in school. Now that I’m in college, the tradition of handmade cards have quite died out, it is mostly about gifting pens or cutting cake with teachers collectively as a batch. The one special card I remember making for my favourite english teacher in school, was made from pencil shavings. So I used colour pencil shavings to make flower petals, and also the body of the vase, and drew the stems and leaves.
    Btw, I really love your talent dear. Keep inspiring, keep exploring and creating without bounds! ❀

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    1. Aww, same I think the tradition of giving handmade cards are dying out, but it’s such a fun thing to do, and it values better in the teachers eyes than the ready made item, what do you think?

      Thank you soo much for your kind wishes! β™₯️πŸ”₯

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