How to STAY ORGANIZED during your school year!!

Well I don’t know about you, but I find been organized in school a very vital task. 😎! With school reopening soon, I decided to do a post on how to stay organized during your school year! Therefore I decided to share some tips that helps me stay organized, I hope it helps you too.💕

This post I did when I was about 12 (drafted this up for my old blog), so enjoy a bit of my past self’s writing!🤗

1.  Always make sure your backpack is organized.

What I would mostly like to do is pack my bag the day before my school day. Therefore I won’t have to wake up in the morning and hunt for all my essential items. 😁

It would also be helpful if you could arrange your books in order from the largest to the smallest, by doing this you can find your books faster. Some people would also prefer arranging their books according to the timetable this works fine too. Whatever you guys prefer, but make sure it’s organized and easier to access your books!🤗

2.  Choose and iron your clothes the night before

I am very sure that everyone wakes up in the morning feeling very drowsy, so it would be very helpful if your clothes are chosen the night before, therefore you won’t have to stress yourself in the morning.

We have all got to accept that mornings are super busy with your siblings getting ready, mom preparing breakfast and your dad trying to find his keys to get to work early. Therefore ironing at night would save you some hassle and you would be able to go to school crumple free.✨

3.  Have a pocket-sized notebook

If you go to a school like mine that gives you plenty of homework it would be really helpful if you could have a small notebook where you can write all your homework and tasks down on, so that you wouldn’t have to come home and recall your days events trying to remember what the teacher said. hmm hmmm hmmmm 😂

4.  Have some extra money ALWAYS!!

This is really helpful in case of an EMERGENCY! And also money would come in handy you feel a bit extra hungry on that day or if you left you lunchbox at home.

5.  Update your school gear and use a pencil-case to store them

Make sure you always have updated school gear, therefore you can avoid borrowing from others. Additionally you also have a pencil-case or box to store all your necessary items, it’s sooo much easier this way! 🤩

6.  Label your stationary, if you have too many

If you seem to have too much of pens like me and you always tend to lose count of how many, then what I would advice you to do is grab some decorative tape💓 and stick them on all your stationary, so that no one at school can steal them under your nose. 🤨

7.  If Calendars/Schedules don’t work for you have a “To Do” list

Many people like to have a calendar or schedule to follow, but I have tried this many times and it never seems to be working for me. So what I do is I make myself a “to do list” and I just write all my tasks on that and do them when I feel like it!

8.  Have some sticky notes and highlighters to make notes attractive!

If you tend to get bored while studying for your exams due to the lack of color present in your book then I have the perfect tip for you. Using highlighters and sticky notes would really help you make your notes attractive. You can also highlight the important points. And know them like you know the back of your hand!😁

9.  Have an Emergency Kit! In Case!

You should always have an emergency kit. In case someone in class has a fall you are ready to help them with all your bandages and plasters. You can have stuff like plasters and Panadol in your emergency kit.

10.     Have at least eight hours of sleep

Having up to eight hours of sleep is really helpful since it gives you energy and boost for the next day. Sleeping early and having a fixed bedtime could also make you avoid over sleeping in the morning.

These are just my tips for staying organized, you can always come up with your own!💝

Stay safe everyone!💟! BYEEEEEE!

37 thoughts on “How to STAY ORGANIZED during your school year!!

  1. These are wonderful tips, Nabeeha! I definitely have a hard time jotting my note home works down and by the end of the day I do go Hmmm hmm hmm. Haha Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the exact post i was looking for!!!!!! It was so helpfull and i will DEF use it when we start school again!!!! Is your school open?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s upsetting, at least you guys clicked pictures!!♥️🤩! Over here, at Sri Lanka they have started schools already, been five days, but the situation seems to be getting worse, so seems like schools might have to close again!😭! My school didn’t start though..😐


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