The GUEST POSTS chosen are?!?

Ayubowan! Welcome, in our typical Sri Lankan language! 💞! Today, marks an IMPORTANT day in the history of BrainStorms, today is the day, in which we will be officially releasing the results for the GUEST POSTING competition held a few days back! I have to say, that I am SUPER EXCITED to tell you guys this, I can barely sit still! 😂!

And yes I have a confession to make, when I hosted this competition, I really didn’t expect a single post to turn up, but Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) , many turned up, and I simply couldn’t narrow down the winners to ONLY five, because all those posts were just amazing! So we have seven winners y’ll! 😎! Without further ado let’s announce the names of the lucky souls! 💗

  • Maria Teresa Pratico (Friend in the Mirror, post coming out on 21st July 2020)
  • Marryam Khan (Calm down your anxiety, post coming out on 28th July 2020)
  • Evin (2020, post coming out on 2nd August 2020)
  • Saba, Niaz Siddique (I am a registered organ donor, are you? Post coming out on 4th August 2020)
  • Rue202 (Strange Humans, post coming out on 11th August 2020)
  • Ernestine Okafor (Confidence, and it’s perks. Post coming out on 18th August 2020)
  • Precious blaque (Becoming a Better You, post coming out on 25th August 2020)

So those are the winners you guys! CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM! And for the ones who didn’t get chosen, don’t worry there is always next time!

Keep your eyes peeled for the winners🏆 posts, cause they are simply wonderful!🤩 I am soo looking forward to hosting another competition on this blog, stay tuned! If you do have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact me, either through the comment section or through “contact us”!💝

Stay safe please, cause the corona virus is still far from over!😥

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