TIPS to ACEEEE your EXAMS, from an A GRADE student!

Bonjour bloggers, and all hoomans! 🙋‍♀️! I am back with a topic I personally, HATE, and that is, drumroll please, EXAMS! Exams are a pain on all my body parts, just the fact that people judge you based on your results annoys me soo much. Extremely Intelligent people (sarcasm at it’s best here😂) think that failing an exam means you will surely fail in life. I know that I seem to be going against the topic in the titles, but the truth needs to be out there doesn’t it? Nevertheless, sadly, this generation needs to deal with examinations. And I am not trying to boast here, but being a straight A student, I have got some tips and tricks up my sleeve. Some EXAM TIPS AND TRICKS COMING RIGHT UP!

FUN FACT- The person who created exams was non other than HENRY FISCHELL.

Pay attention in class- I know through personal experience that this is a hard thing to do, especially when your friend keeps whispering in your ear😅 or either you don’t like the topic being taught! It is difficult, but paying attention in class, is a thing you need to do in order to ace your exams. When you pay attention in class you somewhat have an idea on the topic being taught, so, therefore, when you revise at home you will remember the lesson more and can thereafter cut down the time you have to spend learning that topic. Paying attention in class would also help you NOT miss anything your teacher says. This is something that seriously has to be done, if you are considering getting an A!😁

Find a comfortable place to study- It’s not going to help you in anyway if you decide to study somewhere noisy. The time you spend studying must be used efficiently. In order to succeed in this task, you must find a spot or place at home or school that is free from sound/disturbance and an area in which you feel cozy. Personally, I prefer studying on my bed, but, it’s a bad habit, as you might develop pains in your body plus snooze a lot (I sleep so much while studying!😅), hence, don’t follow it.

Don’t study in the dark- The last thing you want to do is strain your eyes, and develop a headache! Studying in the dark is certainly a NO NO! Make sure you either have a lot of natural light around or at least a bright artificial light!

Take Breaks in between– DON’T ever study for hours at a stretch. Trust me, half of what you studied wouldn’t be in your head. The most efficient way to study is by studying for 30 mins and then taking a ten-minute break. This I tell you by personal experience, I remember in year 7 and 8 I used to study for hours end and my marks weren’t that great, since half the information wasn’t registered up there, in the recent years I started following 30 minute study and then 10 minute break rule and my marks have improved. Give your brain the time it needs y’ll!😁

Keep all distractions away from eye’s reach- Turn all electronic devices at home, off. I know that some students believe they could multitask, by watching TV and studying at the same time. But it is not an efficient way to learn as your mind will constantly get distracted. No DISTRACTIONS!

Don’t stress yourself– Stressing yourself is not going to help in any way. The more you trouble yourself and think of the exams as a big burden, the more you are going to miss out on studying. This is because when you study when you are stressed, automatically information will not go into your head. Stressing could also cause illnesses. TBH, I used to stress, loads, mostly because exams in Sri Lanka are SUPER competitive😔 and I always wanted to be number ONE, and guess what happened? This girl got sick before every exam. So don’t be like me, stay calm and do your best!💓

Stay positive– No matter what happens always stay positive and hope that you will score well. Remember your mentality will reflect on your work. A VERY IMPORTANT POINT! Do your best and let God take care of the rest! 🤗 (quote by Nabeeha Jameel😂)

Have a set of goals- This could simply be something like by the end of Friday I want to have finished chapter 35 in biology. Having a list like this would certainly help you as you will constantly be motivated to try and reach the goal.

Extra tip– If you reach the goal, you should give yourself a treat, this would prompt you to study more. Like maybe 30 minutes of break after this chapter, or treat yourself to some food or even watch a movie. 😏

Start studying early– This is something that many students fail to do. Many students start studying the night before the exam and try to cram all the information into their heads. Cramming all information, the night before will not help you grasp information efficiently. Instead you could start studying a month early and spend about 20 minutes a day, in that way the day before the exam you could chill 😎 and not panic, as would’ve already finished studying.

Go through old test papers– When you do this, you will have a basic idea of the paper structure and how the questions might appear. Therefore, mentally you will be prepared to sit the paper. And also, luck by chance, maybe the questions might repeat! 🤗

Find your learning style– this is something that would evolve out of trial and error. My personal preference is reading the textbook at least twice, while some of my friends prefer making notes on every chapter, while, some others prefer using mind maps. Whatever works for you, trust your gut and follow it! 😁

Try to find links between information- acting upon this will help you remember information better.

Call your friend in case you have any doubts– Don’t hesitate to call your friend up when you are in doubt. When friends or classmates share doubts, it will help the other person learn extra information too.💕

oooooofff! That was LOOOONGG! But nevertheless, I enjoyed writing this, and I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed reading this. Next time, an A grade is guaranteed! 👍! Subscribe if you haven’t already, and don’t miss out on a single post!

27 thoughts on “TIPS to ACEEEE your EXAMS, from an A GRADE student!

  1. Great tips indeed! More or less what the teachers say!
    Sadly, I disagree with two or three of them. Studying in the dark (outside), studyimg the day before the exam and listening to songs while learning maths have helped me a lot. (I’m also a straight A student.)
    Great post anyhow! I’m trying to change but I’m finding it difficult to. But I guess, change is always difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Studying the dark is not too healthly for the eyes though, since we will be reading and at the same time straining them a LOT!! Woah, studying the day before helps you? I can never study the day before, I get super panicked and all, but if it works for you then no problemo! ♥️♥️
      Thanx for stopping by!!🌠♥️


    1. oh! I was going through that stage once through, when I simply didn’t want to study at all, I would hate looking at my coursebooks, it was that bad! So I took like a one week, clean break, without studying at all and I felt soo much better! Just make sure you give yourself breaks throughout! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good tips. Now where to find the dedication to implement them all? Haha. Only joking. I love how balanced these tips are, with working hard but also taking breaks and not stressing yourself. I think it plays a lot into passing the exam without PTSD.

    Liked by 1 person

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