Guest Post: I am a REGISTERED ORGAN DONOR, are YOU?!!

Life is too short to make long term plans. I don’t know what would be my future, what I foresee become reality or not. Would my dreams become true? I don’t have the foggiest idea to appease myself. I cannot go ahead in time, but I’m able to do something now which has positive effects in coming days and nights.

We love to serve others. We do whatever we could just to heal the wounds of our companions in this tiny globe.

We like to live a life in which we spread roses and pick up the thorns.

It’s my soul desire to serve this mankind in my life and after my departure to the eternal world as well, Inshaallaha!.

My organs would have been useless once I lay in the dug rectangular space, but: they won’t be.

I’m really hoping that my organs would be donated, Inshaallaha!.

My cornea, heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys will save the lives, Inshaallaha!.

Now I have to take care of my organs with a responsibility because they are Amanat* now, and being an aminI can’t do anything intentionally or unintentionally that could be harmful to my organs.

Not only physical, but spiritual care is also required.

My eyes shouldn’t be filthy with notorious evil sightings. They should be pure and pious.

My heart shouldn’t be filled with poisonous feelings, there shouldn’t be any grudge, there shouldn’t be any space for evil. It should be pure and relucent.

My little act for the sake of my Allah, for the sake of His beloved creatures.

Your one organ not only saves a person but his beloved relations also,

!!!Donate organs save Lives!!!

*Amanat: trust

*amin: trustee

That was Saba, Niaz Siddique y’ll! You can totally tell by her post, that she has a huge heart and loves to give. She has a wonderful personality overall!💌 Masha Allah (as God has willed)! Her blog is phenomenal too, so do check it out! (

Here is a small bio of Saba, Niaz Siddique, which she typed down herself:

It was 6th of March 2019 when I decided to start blogging. I wanted to improve my English writing skills and for that wordpress came as the best option. 

I didn’t think about reaching people who would appreciate my work. The only thing in my mind was to write. However, this blogosphere showed much respect for my views. From appreciation to good suggestions I learned a lot.

For an ambivert like me blogging is a good way to communicate with people of different minds. Knowing their opinions and sharing my thoughts makes a better environment for understanding. And the more we understand more we learn.
So, in a journey of understanding and learning where am I?

Am still in a beginning. My plan was to write in a professional manner but I couldn’t put down my thoughts in a limited way of line and length. Words that flow with the river of observation are still failed in reaching to the strand of professionalism 😹

Let me see where would this flow take me to!

May Allah bless all of us, Ameen 💕

Loving the bio Saba, keep up the good work! I am sure that everyone loves reading your content, especially your poems, which personally, I enjoy! 💞!

That is it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this guest post! Stay SAFE! 💕

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