Modest OUTFITS from MYNTRA!!

Nabeeha Jameel, was casually browsing the internet, and THEN suddenly her heart stopped, she saw something that she only thought she would see only in her dreams, her heart was beating no more.. Okay now I have got your attention! πŸ˜‚! Let’s begin!

A few days back I was indeed browsing the internet and my gut made me type myntra on the search bar, for some unknown reason, or maybe it was those advertisements. I don’t know, nevertheless, I did and GOD, I fell in love with some of the clothes on that platform, that I decided to write a whole post on it!πŸ™‚! Here it goes:

  • Women Pink & Grey Solid Empire Dress

This top is super cute!🀩 I love the work at the top and the band on the sleeves. The sleeve style I would say is one of my favorites, straight cut sleeves are too boring aren’t they? I love how baggy the whole outfit is, and that makes it super modest. This particular outfit is from a brand named W, their clothes I must say, have my heart, the elegant designs and the patterns have mesmerized me! 😍! I would probably pair this up with jeans (blue/grey) and a light pink hijab! 😎! Click here to check the outfit out on the Myntra Website.

  • Women Navy Blue and Sea Green Printed Layered Maxi Dress

This one I love because of the colors and the patterns. Originally I have been looking for boho styled clothing, and I felt that this made the cut. And it’s a maxi dress you guys! 😁! My favorite type of clothing right now! I would have to throw in some tights underneath this dress, and wrap a light pink or teal hijab! πŸ˜ƒ! This one yet again is from W, I am obsessed people, simply obsessed! Click here to check the outfit out on the Myntra Website.

  • Women White & Pink Printed A-Line Dress

This one I would totally go for, due to the patterns. Moi has been recently getting super obsessed with patterns, and this obsession isn’t going to die anytime soon! πŸ˜…! The mandarin collar, has caught my eye too, and what? There are like five different patterns on this dress? So in LOVE! 😍! I would probably pair this up with some blue jeans or even a night skin colored tights might do! The hijab for this would definitely be a nude colored one! Any suggestions? Let’s no forget the pockets too, I would literally be ecstatic to find any dress with pockets! Click here to check this outfit out on the Myntra Website! This outfit is from a store named SANGRIA btw! They have some wonderful outfits too!

  • Women Beige & Charcoal Grey Animal Print Wrap Dress

These animal patterned clothes have been trending in like FOREVER, and to be honest, I have never owned a single outfit with a leopard pattern, not a single outfit I tell you! So it’s high time I got one, and the love the style of this, with the V-neck and puff sleeves, it screams me!😎! I would have to throw on an nude t-shirt as the dress is a teeny bit see through, and maybe wear jeans, but not the plain ones, instead the flared ones (you guys know what I am talking about?) A nude hijab would go well wouldn’t it? BTW, this outfit is from MANGO (my favorite fruit), and you’ve got to love this brand for their patterns. πŸ’• Click here to check out this outfit on Myntra!

  • Women Cream-Colored & Pink Printed Kurta with Trousers

This kurta set, according to me is super unique, as you barely find two printed pieces of clothing that go well together. The print too is pretty, and the color is of a lighter shade, which totally suits my preferences. 😍! I would pair this up with a light pink shawl, and I think I would be ready! Click here to view this outfit on the Myntra Website!

This marks the end of this post! Voila! πŸ’–! I poured my fashionista self all over this page, hence, I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed this post! πŸ’—! Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section down below!

32 thoughts on “Modest OUTFITS from MYNTRA!!

  1. Omg!!!!! I also ordered the first pink dress from Myntra! It’s been on my wishlist forever. ☺️

    Have you checked Ajio? I love the clothes on that app too! Especially from the brands Ajio & Indie Picks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? Did you recieve it? W has some wonderful clothes! β™₯️
      Never heard of that app, I should check it out!!
      The sad thing is since I don’t live in India, getting access to these clothes are pretty difficult! One day, some day, maybe!!β™₯️β™₯️🌠


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