Guest Post: CONFIDENCE, and its perks!!

You aren’t good enough?
Who even gave them the right to judge you
Who says you don’t know your worth 
There’s more than a billion people in the world and I’m sorry 
if you feel that the opinion if just one person or a few people 
can alter your life.
Only the creator gives life and SHE moulds us beautifully .
We are the masterpiece she has set up
Yet you still keep the insults you’re thrown at to yourself?

You want to take the life the creator gives as if you bore 
I know you’re trying to hang on
I know it’s hard
I know they’re saying things about you 
Nasty things
Hold on
Don’t do it
It will end in tearsssssssss

Then I wonder how my worth could be determined by another 
person as if I don’t own my own body
My body is mine and not yours
So why would i want to trade it for anything?

If you really care the way you do, you will see past the 
flesh and that would be genuine 

There’s a lot of voices in your head
I’m sorry you have to go through this
But hang on,
It’s not easy trying to still cling unto life
I know you already feel lifeless and you can hold your 
shadow already
Hang on

These people, they choose to be mean because they’re 
also battling 
They also look in the mirror and break
They’re insensitive 

That should not bother you
There is effort put into anything that’s about to  
be made
Effort cannot be wasted
There is use for everything 

They want to oppress you to make you feel bad
Prove them wrong
Stand with your principles 
Do not stutter 
If you stutter
If you can’t write
If you can’t sing
What ever passes the message that you are strong 
You are beautiful 
You are handsome
And most of all confident
No matter the medium
You’re a Star
Light that someone else should not dim.
Theres a purpose 
A niche to be carved
Be You.

Ernestine Okafor

That was Ernestine Okafor, everyone! She is truly such a wonderful soul! I truly feel confident after reading the poem above, my heart bloomed in a way, that cannot be expressed on paper.

Her blog ( is a masterpiece, and features soo many different forms of talent, such as her poetry writing. Her poems are one thing that you seriously need to keep your eyes peeled out for!💖

Here is a small bio of Ernestine Okafor:

“I am Ernestine Okafor. A teenage blogger from Abuja , Nigeria. I love to read and eat. I write too and I love to meet new people and visit places.I started blogging last year and it has been an awesome journey so far. My blog is my blog. It’s a lifestyle blog where I am literally myself; writing articles , outing experiences and reviews , mental health talks ,skincare & beauty and sharing my love for books. I started blogging because I feel like writing is the fastest way for other people to interpret what I feel inside that I cannot let out. I want people to rub minds with me and benefit positively from my writing. I wanted to be heard then and now , I know it’s what I’m passionate about because of the enthusiasm and passion that burns in me. The purpose of my blog is to showcase what I’m about through my platform. Let the world see this young girl with bubbling thoughts ready to explode through my posts.”

Ernestine Okafor, I also have an award waiting for you, you have been nominated for the BrainStorms Award! Congratulations!🎊

With that, I have got to say my GOODBYE’s to all of you! Till next time!💕

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