Guest Post: Becoming a BETTER YOU!!

  If you think about it, there is really no end to being better because it will always be possible to become better and better every time.  Everyone wants to become more than they are now but cannot because they have not been able to follow the right procedure.   Cutting the long post short, below are a few things you should do to become a better you :

😉. Create an inspiration friendly environment. When you discover that the place where you spend most of your time like your room is not inspiring you enough, you could renovate, redecorate or redeem it’s potential to inspire you more.

😉. Overcome your fears I for one can tell you that it is easier said than done but you can do it by :       

🙂. Preparing and practicing for the worst       

🙂. Visualizing your success at overcoming your fear       

🙂. Being willing to get over it.

😉. Level up your skills, learn from those in your field how to do what you do better and look forward to learning something new about it.

😉. Acknowledge your flaws -Due to experience, I can say that if you don’t let yourself make some mistakes, you won’t be able to do what you do better.

😉. Quit the bad habits and cultivate the good habits – When you do some bad things,they serve as stumbling blocks to your goal so you need to  drop the bad habits and accepting new ones which can make you a better individual. 

😉. Let go of the past. Illustrate this as you suspended in mid air; your pasts below you can drag you down if you keep looking back at them but looking upwards to your goal will help you reach it faster than you can imagine.

😉. Take a break. As individuals, we should be able to tell when we’ve done enough and need to rest before taking our work up again else, we could turn out to be like a vehicle without petrol to move on. you don’t always have to be on the go.

I hope this piece of writing has been of help to you.


That was Preciousblaque people! Isn’t she wonderful! And yes, your girl is back in business, and has soo many more exciting posts coming out soo stay tuned!

Here is a small bio on Preciousblaque:

“I’m preciousblaque and my blog is Here For You.I started blogging with the intention of reaching out to as many people as possible bringing them information they might not know and helping them get through life.So, I pretty much post a little of everything on Here For You.

Here For You.


That is all for today. And I am kinda emotional, because this is the last guest post being released, 😪! Don’t worry BrainStorms will still be accepting guest posts. I will let you know on the process soon. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in this competition, it really means a LOT! 💖 Preciousblaque you have also won yourself the BrainStorms Award. Congratulations!

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Bye for now everyone! 💞

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