Woohooo! I for the longest time ever did not set up any social media account for BrainStorms, and Allhamdulliah I managed to drive in about 8000+ views! Not bad ehh? 😂! But moi decided to be extra and set up a social media account for BrainStorms. Now before doing this, I had to carefully choose what platform I would like to use to drive in additional traffic. I did my research and a LOT of articles were pointing towards Pinterest! Me being the curious being I am, decided, it is time to check if these articles are truthful (detective on the loose😆). At the time this post is being written, my Pinterest account has actually received a lot of impressions (more than I expected) , but hardly anyone has visited my blog (using the links I have displayed), so maybe things will take time to heat up, and don’t worry I will update you guys on how this new journey progresses. 🤗!

As for now, please do visit my PINTEREST ACCOUNT, and show some love! If you guys do have some tips, on how to grow my Pinterest account, then do let me know, cause this girl is a newbie! 😅!

And btw, do check out my new signature/business card, cool isn’t it? Thank you to Canva btw!

23 thoughts on “BrainStorms NOW HAS it’s OWN PINTEREST!

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