Heya people! Okay, I know what you are thinking, did she just say MAY? But like, wasn’t that over like loong time ago, I know, I know. I am doing this because personally, this bullet journal spread was one of the best ones that I did, and I want you guys to draw inspiration from it! So here it goes!💖 This post was written a while back so, bear with my childish mind (me talking like my brain has matured😂)!

Sooo…. for the month of May I decided to plan my bullet journal using the wonderful color PURPLE! Yay! When it comes to colors, I like adore the 2P’s that is PINK and PURPLE! I decided to do purple for this month since I am on holiday and that means I could make this month’s spread as vibrant and awesome as possible. And now moving onto the theme, I decided to do patterns. Patterns is something I have never seen other bullet journalers (idk if it’s a word) create.

Now for the starting two pages of the month, onto the left side I did a chevron pattern in purple and then did a collage on paper, using purple images that I mostly got off from Pinterest. After I had stuck my handmade collage onto the paper, I used a toothbrush and sprayed black paint all over the page. Honestly, I am sure that you guys would have seen me using this technique a lot, but it’s one crafty style that I love and the toothbrush spraying technique always gives additional effects to a work of art. Onto the right side of the page, y’all can probably see purple newspaper? Well, I certainly didn’t buy this off the shelves of a store, rather I simply diluted purple paint and painted it over the newspaper.

EXTRA TIP– when you are spraying the black paint make sure the other page next to it is covered using a newspaper.  

The next two pages were taken over by the calendar for the month. I found that by having a silver pen, you could add minute details, which is SUPER CUTEEE!

The 5th page, is my mood tracker page, for the past three months I have been using the graph to track my mood but this month I decided to switch things up a bit. The 6th page contains my habit tracker. And you might see that one entire row is colored in black, that’s because I made a mistake and the line above the black-colored row was slanted, therefore, I decided to color the entire row black in order to hide my mistake. Now you might be wondering as to how I am going to color a row that is black to mark my habits, I decided I will use a white pen (these things are handy🤩!) in order to do so.

The final spread for the month of May was my word learning page. I decided to do a polka dot pattern for this page.

I hope you guys liked looking at all the above spreads and learned a few techniques I had used for May. Have a nice week ahead!

Did you guys enjoy that? Let me know in the comment section down below! And also would you guys like to see more of these old posts of mine? 🤔! Let me KNOW!!

27 thoughts on “My MAY BULLET JOURNAL spreads!

  1. Time has lost all meaning – its only when I read the first line, I was reminded that we are in September already!
    Your journal looks amazing & fun. Like I’d want to keep my journal up to date if it were so cute. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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