My TOP FIVE posts!!

Hey there, everyone! Nabeeha Jameel here💖 if you are new! Thank you soo much for stopping by, would love it if you could smash that follow button. Today’s post is quite special because I am taking a path down memory lane and viewing those posts that have performed exceptionally well on BrainStorms! I was quite dazed to be honest, since I never thought that BrainStorms will perform so well! Allhamdulliah (all praise to God)! 🎊

I thought of making this post so that my viewers may gain a brief idea, of how well certain posts perform on the WordPress platform. You guys can use the same post ideas, and I am sure that you will notice a difference in your stats! Please note, popularity of the posts has been ranked by the number of likes received not views!

Honestly, guys, when I was drafting up this post, I expected this to be a popular one! Since it was talking of two eminent topics, in the current generation, (a) improving your mental health, (b) quarantine. What I learnt from this post gaining the popularity crown👑 was that people like to read about topics that are trending. But beware, you do not want to overdo it! Let us not have three consecutive posts all about quarantine, now, that would bore🥱 your audience, most certainly! You need to learn to balance your content to have a positive outcome. Not too much nor too little!

Bless my brain for giving me the idea to start “Top FIVE Friday’s”, I never knew that it (my brain 🧠) could be soo useful! 😂! If I am going o be transparent with you guys, then I will have to accept that these Top Five Friday posts always goes down well with my audience! The fact that they can relate to me seems to be drawing in more audience! 😁! And you know, these posts are a total win-win situation, I sooo ENJOY doing them! Something, that your audience can relate to, is always a success and they will keep coming back for more! 💜

Now everyone out there, pay attention to this little secret I am going to disclose, doing award posts as a new blogger can boost your TRAFFIC like crazy! BELIEVE ME! If you are a new blogger in the community and you are looking to make more blogger friends or feel included💖 in the blogosphere, then these are the types of posts that you have to aim at. When you nominate others specifically, to reply to your award, they will have to check your post out! And not only that, most awards make you thank the person who nominates you, now this drives more traffic in, since they would normally display the link to your blog. 😏

Another Top Five Friday post! And gosh I am the least bit surprised. I wrote about a topic that everyone can relate to and look at what an attraction I have created towards my blog posts! 😂! You guys, should consider starting TOP FIVE FRIDAYS they soo help keeping the traffic in flow! 🤩

This post was honestly a surprise to me, I never expected this post to be on this list, NEVER!! I remember doing soo much of research about this topic, because I simply did not want to write down tips that don’t actually work, don’t ever blog about things that don’t work, your audience won’t trust you anymore. Blogging is NOT an overnight success; it takes plenty of HARDWORK and do not you worry all your efforts will eventually pay off! 💗!

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That is it for TODAY! BYE everybody! 💖

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