BLOGGER UP SERIES with TheInkWarrior!?

Hello! HELLO! HeLLoo! Thank you for stopping by to explore a corner of the BrainStorms blog! I welcome each and everyone of you wholeheartedly! 💖! Today, is a special day, as an interview will be happening with the ONE and ONLY InkWarrior! Her blog is AMAZING!🤩! Without further ado let’s dive into this interview, let’s spill the tea people! 😂

Everything in bold is me commenting or asking questions! While everything that is unbold (is that even a word) is totally TheInkWarrior’s words!

1. Can you brief our readers about the goal of your blog?

In this age of disruption, when anxiety,negativity and doubts torment our generation, this blog is my small contribution towards creating a world that’s kind, generous, accepting, forgiving and  HAPPY! ❣Hence, the title “HAPPIER YOU❤.”I come up here every now and then to send out support, motivation, positivity and some self tested tricks for a better mental health, from the very depth of my heart as I share my life with my readers. (Such a cute reasoning behind Happier You!🤩 I must agree with our generation going through deep mud, it’s chaos, LOVE that you are trying to make this world a better place💓!)

2. I noticed that you interact a ton with your audience, why is this factor important when it comes to your blog?

The very goal of Happier You❤ is to tap thoughts for the good. So, I try to always get back to my readers and have a light-hearted or meaningful conversation with them. Even as a blogger, I think it only makes sense to keep publishing new posts when you know what your readers think of the old ones. Plus, getting to interact with such amazing humans from around the globe is a blessing!!🌏💙

3. Your posts are mostly poems, why have you chosen this specific way of writing? Do poems hold a significant place in your heart, or do you have the talent to write poems instead of paragraphs?

Oh yes, I’ve started to write this way rather recently. I think poems speak volumes in comparatively fewer words and leave sufficient scope for subjective interpretation by the audience. They do have a significant place in my heart…I mean they just hit different (you know what I mean?). Only my readers can tell which way they find it better, haha! 🤓 📖 (Keep up the poems, girl! I LOVE them!)

4. What exactly is the joy squad?

‘Joy Squad’ is the name of my beloved WP tribe(including me and my audience who are more like my friends) ! We are a global family of happy-hearted people striving to spread joy and kindness in the best possible way we can. 💝

5. Why should people follow ‘Happier you’?

Happier You❤ is my dreams, hopes and efforts fastened together by the thread of my thoughts✨🎀 . A joyous, positive and kind virtual space open to all humans.💛You can surely follow our blog and join the Joy Squad for a regular dose of positivity and musings. I keep it unproblematic and you can express yourself without fearing judgements as we learn to swim through life and emotions together! You might also get some photography and handlettering here and there, haha. 😉 (Loving the emoji use! AHHH!)

6. What does your blogging schedule look like? One posts per week?

*sighs*  Umm… I’m ashamed now. 😅 I try to post weekly, but when there’s something happening in life that engrosses me, I can’t. I’m still working on that area… Hopefully, we’ll figure it out soon.🤞

7. How do you juggle between blogging and life?

I’d admit that I’m not the best at multitasking and that’s why I’ve not been able to stick to my blogging schedule. For me, it’s more about prioritizing because at the end of the day, I’m not a full time blogger, so when I’ve got study to do… Blogging does take the back seat. Nevertheless, I try to come back and start writing whenever possible. 🙃

8. What has been your best moment this year?

Ooofff! It’s difficult to pick one. Be it reaching 100 followers or stepping out after a while or my birthday, everything was so special. But, I felt so overcome with gratitude and happiness on my birthday with all those lovely wishes that it counts as one of the best memories of my entire life! I was humbled on knowing how much I meant to my loved ones. 😌

9. What is your favorite colour? Why does this colour specifically speak to you?

As such I have a liking for all colours, but I have a peculiar affinity for white. I don’t know why it just attracts me.😅😂 The simplicity, austerity and obviously, it goes well with all the other colours haha! White with gold accents is my endearing classic!

10. When life gets hard, what do you do?

Let’s be real- First, I get dejected😢,then I’ll go read a bunch of inspiring quotes, listen to motivation songs 🎧 and eat some sweets maybe😂. I also make it a point to give time to my emotions to settle down and then sit to introspect and rethink. It usually ends up well and the chaos is culminated in working for what I can change and getting over what I can’t. I just leave it to my creator at the end with faith and hope.💫Folks, never forget that: When the going gets tough , the tough gets going! 🤗 (Wonderful advice!)

Woohoo! We have successfully completed our second interview for the Blogger Up series! 💥! If you would like to be featured on this series then email me at! 💖

That’s all for today! TATA STORMIES (try conquering those BrainStorms😂)!

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