You know that feeling when you just joined Pinterest and you just need to know it all, pin as much as possible and get noticed in the Pinterest atmosphere. Well I am currently going through that stage! 😂! It’s been almost a month, since I opened my first EVER Pinterest account and one thing I have constantly been repining is quotes. Today I have put together a list of my five favorite quotes EVER! Hope you guys enjoy reading them! 🧡

NUMBER ONE! This quote, GOSH, I love it and to be honest I totally agree. People in this era are just waiting to drag you down and one thing that you can do to make them understand that their failing, is to be happy, and find the positive in every negative! 💜!

People, I cannot agree more! We often underestimate ourselves, but NO, there is soo much more hidden inside of you, rainbows and rays on sunshine that are just waiting to come out! 💞

This one, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!💕 I think this quote speaks for itself, and I am just going to let you guys ponder over this one! ✨

This quote, we all have to remember it 24/7. When some trouble comes our way we constantly think of how bad our lives are that we forget that more than half of our life is and has always been good. So remember this people, and please be grateful! 💚

You are UNIQUE!! Remember that!

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Your girl is exhausted, because it is almost the end of the week, and GOSH this week has been hectic! Check out my Pinterest for more quotes and inspirational content!💜

39 thoughts on “My TOP FIVE FAVOURITE QUOTES from Pinterest!!

  1. The 1st quote is one of my Life Mottos … .boy you should see the look on their faces when they realize that no matter what they do to you… you still move on and is happy XD

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