If I were eating Macarons with you…

Been quite a while, hasn’t it? 😅When I sat down and had something with you all, life has changed ever since, if I am to be honest, some parts towards the positive and some negative. But that should be expected, after all life is like the ocean with its ups and downs and let us not forget the sudden unexpected bursts. Today I will be eating macarons with you, an originally Italian created goody!

These are Macarons everyone! My favourite little meringue biscuit EVER!!

If I were eating macarons with you, I would tell you that after writing the last post, I had the courage👀 to attempt making macarons. Now me being me, watched thousands of videos and read hundreds of recipes, and when I stumbled across this one, I knew it was IT, it had a combination of all the tips I had read about! Voila! Went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients including the ones for the buttercream. The night before my huge (at that point, I was thinking of it as my HUGE BAKING SUCCESS✨) I could not sleep, even if I did blink, there would be colorful, little, delicate macarons bombarding my view! My eagerness to make the macarons was as such. The day finally dawns, and me budgeting, decides that I will grind the almonds at home in order to make almond flour, I grind the measured quantity of almonds almost four times and sift it through as well at least five times, a total of about 20 minutes🥱 just for that process (now, I get my it is sooo EXPENSIVE). I start whipping the eggs up and they just wouldn’t whip up😫, now note that these egg whites are ‘aged’, so I freshly break a new batch of eggs and Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) they beat up well. Both the mixtures are mixed, and I even did the figure 8 PERFECTLY, but no, the macaron batter was adamantly too flowy, I could barely pipe, because it was all over me. They were baked at the right temperature for the right amount of time and they did not even form feet, simply, they arrogantly stuck to the paper and were as flat as naan. IT WAS A DISASTER, and a waste of 3 HOURS, all my expectations, were washed off as that so-called macaron slipped down my alimentary canal (me trying to prove that I am a science student🥇). Should I ever attempt macarons again, or just simply buy it? I should just buy them!

If I were eating macarons with you, I would tell you that, COVID, is spiraling out of control. Just a month ago, our schools reopened😃, and Allhamdulliah (all praise to God), we were going to school 5 days a week, everybody, with the usual timings. And two weeks back during the weekend they shut off all schools, in the whole island, once again😣! And let me tell you, online school is driving me nuts, I hate staring at screens, honestly, I just want to go to school already. And I do not know about you guys but staring at the screen makes me extremely sleepy and tired. But nevertheless, I am grateful, that at least this alternative is available! I just pray and hope that this whole saga ends quickly, because the new normal is not an easy one to embrace. To be honest this year, has affected our mental health soo much, OL’s were cancelled, we couldn’t meet friends, online schooling, then back to physical schooling, and now back again to online schooling, not even knowing when school will start again! 😣! It is crazy depressing! 😫! If anyone wants to chat then just feel free to use the comment section, I know that these few months have been hard.

Please go away!

If I were eating macarons with you, I would tell you that, I feel soo blessed, for all the opportunities that I have got and the facilities of course. Because we must remember that there are soo many others, especially during this whole economic crisis, who are scrambling to even put a meal together. What I can encourage you guys to do is support others who you think are struggling, even a small gesture would do, but let us all give back for what God has given us! And let’s not forget about helping those who aren’t feeling that great mentally as well! 💖

If I were eating macarons with you, I would tell you that, I attempted making lava cake last week, and I followed this recipe! I am proud to say that this little digestible masterpiece was an individual effort! No help from my mother even! This bake honestly went well, except that the cooking chocolate I purchased wasn’t exactly as of good quality (that’s expected in Sri Lanka), and I think, I kinda overbaked it by 3 minutes, hence the middle didn’t exactly gush out as it was supposed to. But overall, I had FUN and it tasted AMAZING!

Gooey in the centre!

I really hope that you guys had fun reading this post, because I certainly had a great time writing it, my brain’s lightened a bit! 😂 And 833 words, my GOODNESS I overdid myself this time! Adios fellow bloggers!

11 thoughts on “If I were eating Macarons with you…

  1. Hello Nabeeha Jameel. I finally found you here. I love the fact you are serious about baking things over all other things. Or did I get that wrong Nabeeha ? I love cooking but I feel i should start following recipes now. I have a big box passed along to me from my Father. Plus, I have lots of different recipe books for cooking with cheese. I do make a mean Hot Chocolate trust in me. Hope all is going great Nabeeha Jameel. Missed you my friend. Bye for now !

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    1. Hello! I am, I totally love baking and I thoroughly enjoy it to be honest! Yesterday I made a triple layered chocolate dessert and await the recipe, because it turned out great!!!🧡! Intresting that you have resources from your father, you should certainly give it a go. I was actually looking for a hot chocolate recipe, maybe you should share it on your blog!
      I missed the blogosphere too, glad to be BACK!!🎊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Nebeeha I am glad you are back on here live with fresh cooking ideas. I will look for a recipe for Hot Chocolate “. I buy Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate in small containers in the stores here. But, I will find you a good recipe for hot chocolate Nebeeha ! Bye for now .

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