If I were eating Gulab Jamuns with you…

That disappearance from my blog was honestly a bit unplanned, but I totally expected it. My schedule just kept spicing up and I needed to dedicate time to take care of a few other things😅, hence, the absence. With the December holidays rolling in though, I am going to give it my best to start running this blog the normal way💞! Today would be a chill type of post so grab a coffee and snuggle in for this read. Keep reading if you don’t know what Gulab Jamun means, I’ll include a briefing! ✨

If I was eating Gulab jamun with you, then I would probably tell you that, the times of uncertainty are still reigning on, even though the UK has approved the vaccine, I really do not see how we could end this pandemic. If all countries do not get the access or approve of the vaccine, then the pandemic could continue for a longer period, transportation is going to be another issue, and even distribution, oof😑. A lot must be done, and that is going to take more time! It is getting frustrating right now, living with the virus and the continuous adaptations. Humans are not creatures who adapt to change too well. Just praying and hoping we could shut this chapter up once in for all. SHUT IT UPP!! 😅

If I were eating Gulab jamun with you, I would probably tell you that school is still online and staring at that screen is horribly frustrating- eeekkk. To be frank, I loathe online school, it is soo boring, and for me at least face to face interactions during lessons is a must have. I am extremely thankful though, because our school like a month ago, dedicated an entire day every week for society activities🥳. and you guys, it is such a nice break to be honest, to divert your mind from all that education and focus on more lighthearted things. But I am sooo hoping that school starts soon, I miss it soo much. 

If I am eating Gulab jamun with you I will probably tell you that, this is the only holiday where I have not been able to travel and it is quite upsetting. I honestly love travelling soo much, arriving at the airport is a whole new feeling, seeing the other sides of the world is really an exciting event😃. I thought of doing a “Top Five Destinations I would like to travel to” post soon, so stay tuned for that, but wanderlust is consuming me right now. 

Maldives for sure, will be on list!

If I am eating Gulab jamun with you right now, I will tell you that I am trying to learn embroidery and my mum has decided to teach me, I honestly could not be more excited🤩. Do not worry I will take you guys along the journey. I am also trying to learn digital designing and digital art, eagerly waiting to get a stylus to try some strokes out. 

If I were eating Gulab jamun with you, I will tell you that me and a good friend of mine are designing a planner for the school e-magazine and I could not be more excited🙌. I thought of taking you guys through the journey and showing y’ll some tips and tricks😁. 

Now, before I end the whole post, I will be talking to you guys about Gulab Jamun. Basically, Gulab Jamun is an Indian sweet mainly made of milk solids and flour. I love making this sweet with my entire family during Eid, basically we make a dough, roll it into small little spheres, which have an oil bath and end up having a precise layer of bronze. The Gulab Jamuns aren’t complete if they aren’t dunked in a bowl of sticky, sugary syrup. I MUST TELL YOU, THIS SWEET IS YUMM😍!

That is, it for today, quite a short post to be honest, but expect much more coming your way! 💓! And if you want to have a chat or ramble then the comment section is open.

11 thoughts on “If I were eating Gulab Jamuns with you…

  1. Hi!! It’s beeen sooo long! Hope you’re doing well. Online classes can be quite hectic too. My mum is teacher and I’ve seen her struggle a lot this year. :/
    The vaccine indicates the beginning of the end of this pandemic though it will take 9-12 months for it all to go down. I have hope. 🙂
    OMG – same. Every December I’d be travelling so not travelling this year is really sad but here’s hoping we make up for it all in 2021. 🙂

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    1. Hello! Nice to hear from all of you! 💖! Online classes are the least bit calm and soo boring. Can’t wait for physical classes again. Yes, the vaccine was honestly the most positive thing right now, but with Sri Lanka being a developing country, it might take quite awhile unfortunately. Just the sound of 2021 sounds promising!💓

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