A look back at 2020!

2020 has been a messy, no, a very messy year. And honestly, I could not be happier to bid goodbye to it😃, only if I could bid farewell to all the trouble that came with it! The year did make some major changes, and people had a very universal experience, all of us were basically struggling to cope. Rich, Poor, Asian, American, it did not matter nothing could save us from this biological, invisible strand of COVID. God showed us who is in control and how unpredictable our lives could be, didn’t He? With that being said let us look at all the DRAMA that 2020 brought with it. 🙌

The World War 3 alert! I still remember talking about this at school with my classmates and just freaking out! 😂! Thankfully, it never happened and hopefully will not ever happen. With the latest weapons available and especially the nuclear weapons, we could all be minced meat!

COVID rolls in! Oof, a disaster that would go down in history. To be honest, I do not think any of us expected it to go on for soo long, I thought that a medicine would be found soon, and this nightmare would end, but how naïve could I be🤦‍♀️. Lockdowns rolled in, schools shut down, the world was not prepared to handle a pandemic. Lockdowns and curfews were the worst part, we were soo poorly prepared, and let us not forget the food hoarding. I could not get hold of chocolate for a whole 2 months! 😣

CIE cancelled their exams, and many governments did too. This affected me a LOT, I think it is the first time that this happened, and as a student I had soo many questions. Should I opt for October/November or choose Predicted?🤔 This year hopefully, the exams go ahead as scheduled. The process was soo messy and unpredictable last time, I certainly do not want to go through that again.

Online Classes! OOOFF don’t I hate these, we actually started school just yesterday, online! We could all relate to mics unmuted at the wrong times😅, the camera’s switched on accidently and of course, the technical complications. But nevertheless, we must be extremely grateful that we can continue classes despite the circumstances, thanks to technology.

Baking! We all got creative in our kitchens, didn’t we? I sure did, for me it was mostly baking that I stuck to, baking is an art, I love the color changes, the magical taste at the end, even though I only mixed together a few ingredients, and let us not forget the random taste tests, I LOVE those😋. Last year I had a go at making, Red Velvet cake, Cheesecake, Tres Leches and my triple layer chocolaty dessert. The red velvet and cheesecake need a bit more of working though, the red velvet cake unfortunately took hours to bake, and the cheesecake was runny, but I must say the other two turned out perfect! 👌🏾

The Chocolaty Dessert, check out the link for the recipe!

Dalgona Coffee! The TikTok sensation, GOSH, how can we ever forget this? If you want to know the recipe and the whole backstory of me struggling to make this click here. I STRUGGLED LIKE A LOT, but my dedication paid off! 🤗

Dalgona Coffee! YUM!

TikTok! I don’t use this app, and nor do I have an account, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to know about all the dances and trends that went viral, my friends love filling me in on TikTok gossip. And YES, there’s YouTube as well if you need to learn the dances, I tried learning a few, but let’s just say, I didn’t exactly succeed. 😬

Online Shopping! We had to celebrate Eid while under lockdown, but nevertheless Allhamdulliah (all praise to God), I managed to get an outfit delivered from an outlet store. I ordered the wrong size (I am not used to online shopping at all😁) it was extremely big, and I had to return and get a smaller size, well at least I know what size I am now, ACCURATELY! 😂

Appreciating health workers and front liners! Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) they did such an amazing job and still are doing a wonderful job. The dedication that they have, the applause for them was well- deserved. They deserve soo much more, may God reward them in this life and the hereafter!

Black Lives Matter movement! Racism is something that none of us should stand for, your size, skin colour, religion, caste and status does not matter, the bottom line is we are all humans, and we all have equal rights. Police Brutality should not rob any innocent black life, and I must say I love the way our world came together during a pandemic to stand up for what is right. Educate yourselves through books or the internet, and this movement should never stop.

Among Us! 2020 was the year of games, from Minecraft to COD, people were investing their free time by playing games. Among Us made a major breakthrough, let us see who the imposter among us is! 😂

Chocolate Bombs! The last one I have to add to the list. I haven’t got my hands on one yet, but watching videos of chocolate bombs melting, I must say is very satisfying. People have soo many opinions on how to melt the chocolate bomb, the comment sections of these videos are hilarious. There is an argument over the temperature of the milk, and on what you add first, the chocolate bomb in first or pour the milk first 😂. Ahh US HUMANKIND, disagree over the tiniest things😆!

That was 2020 everyone! And welcome to 2021! Let’s all hope and pray that this year brings about more opportunities and goodness, can’t wait to see what this year is going to offer! It’s true that 2020 wasn’t exactly what we expected, but we learnt soo much and progressed a lot too, like look at us now, we do everything online, business, school, just everything. 2020 proves that there is always a way to do things, we just have to look from a new perspective! 💜! Hopefully, we will be able to do another “Looking back at 2021” this year! Logging off, byee everyone, have a wonderful week ahead! 💙!

14 thoughts on “A look back at 2020!

    1. Yes the world war 3 thing! 😂! Can’t believe we have made it this far! I would say my favourite was, tres leches, I made it like four times, after the first timee! ♥️! Ooh that post sounds interesting, I ll check it out, thank you Zainab

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  1. Wow you’ve pointed out pretty much everything that happened in 2020!!
    That dalgona trend was insane 😂 all my status was filled with that pic! Among us and pubg was a great time killer during this lockdown.

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