Journaling! 2021?

Hey there! Welcome back to another blog post, with your lifestyle blogger, Nabeeha Jameel✨.

One thing I constantly missed in 2020 was bullet journaling, I gave it a go in 2019, and I fell in love with the whole process of bullet journaling. So, if I loved it soo much, why did I stop😯? Time Management, ironical actually, because after all a Bullet journal is supposed to keep you organized and help you manage time in a better way yeah😏? That obviously wasn’t the case with me, I would spend hours on my journal trying to perfect it, and make it look the way I want, I was wasting way too much of time on it. 2020, was the year that things were supposed to happen, exams, extra-curricular were supposed to multiply, so by August 2019, I stopped bullet journaling, mainly because of time.

I thought that a wonderful way to welcome 2021 would be to start journaling again. Not bullet journaling, like every month, but a chill kind of journaling style. This journal is and shouldn’t be an item of perfection, but instead I need to learn to let go and embrace the artistical flaws that I make💜. With that being said expect to see more journal posts, and yes, I would be addressing an artistic addiction of mine, in another post.

I wanted to start the journal off by addressing 2021, honestly 2021 is the year of healing, not only for me but on a universal context🌍. With the whole wording I included florals, because like who doesn’t love those🤩, and don’t fail to notice the plaster too.

A draft!!

The outlines were done with black fine liners, or three different thicknesses and for the coloring I used a 50 pack of Crayola Supertips (I love these markers, they are soo convenient to use. In the case of a fire y’ll know what I will grab first😅).

The final version!

Let me know on if you would like to know the behind the scenes of each bullet journal page and how I draw these, in the comment section down below, and I will do a post for you! 💗 That is it for today, thank you soo much for reading and have a wonderful weekend! 💌

45 thoughts on “Journaling! 2021?

    1. Thank you! Totally, organizing my life has been a priority for a very long time. Yes hope soo too, thinking of doing at least one page per week, just to have time to compile my thoughts, but I don’t want to pressurize myself too much!💗

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  1. Wow, I love your idea about your new journaling style. It’s true bullet journalling does take a bit of time to set up especially from scratch, but you should know how ever you want it to look is great.

    😁 Have a nice day

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    1. Thank you! Being a perfectionist bullet journaling drained quite a bit from me, started this journal with the hopes of letting go of my perfectionism and hoping to learn from my artistic flaws! 🧡 Thank you for stopping by, have a great week ahead!!


  2. I am literally having the same problem with bullet journaling, I just can’t seem to get back in the zone of reflecting and letting my inner self run free. I loved your spreads though, and I’m a perfectionist too, one wrong stroke and I would end up hating the entire spread (i need help). I’d definitely love to learn some new stuff about bujo and I’d love for you to do the BTS of each page!! Here are some of my spreads if you need inspo hehe ❤

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    1. Honestly, like you said one wrong line/ stroke, I have the need to tear the entire page and start from scratch, doing things that way really drained soo much of energy, and mentally too I wasn’t in a healthy place, because I would get frustrated each time it goes wrong and I had to start again. With 2021 coming my way, I want to learn to let go more and embrace who I truly am! Thank you soo much for the link, will surely check it out!💖


  3. I love your journal setup! And, yes, it’s true how wanting to have a ‘perfect’ journal spread could make journaling feel like a chore. I’m glad you’re starting to journal again! It could be very enjoyable once you’ve found your comfort zone in journaling!! 🙂

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  4. As someone who has been bullet journaling (on and off in my own way) since before it was called bullet journaling, I understand the need for time to do it, especially if you’re trying to make your pages look a certain way. I have done the BUJO thing, the Bullet Journal thing, and am now just doing a hybrid version. Your spread is pretty, and I love the “bandaid.” Really enjoyed reading your post.

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