Guest Post: Starting my OWN BUSINESS on ETSY!!

• Started an online Etsy store back in 2018
• To date reached 50 sales online as a solopreneur
• Serve a niche audience who love personalized Afrocentric earrings

Ottawa, Canada

AZEBoutique ~ Personalized earrings which tell your story

I began my business online 2 years ago, I was going through a mentally and academically rigorous master’s program and was desperately looking for a way to disconnect and recharge. 

I have always had a love of earrings ever since I could remember, and I decided to start an online business which was a welcome distraction and helped get me through my program. My field is in STEM and I had never taken a single marketing course. I had to learn early on how to promote my product and niche down what I was selling because jewelry is an oversaturated market. I decided to focus on creating Afrocentric earrings because at the time I did not see a large representation of black culture on Etsy and I wanted to fill this space. One of my highest selling earrings on Etsy are my Wakanda Forever earrings, these earrings have a special place in my heart because of the impact the movie had on many, and I received lots of positive feedback from customers.  

Earrings are the one item that have always brought me joy when wearing them and I wanted to transfer this feeling to others by adding phrases to my earrings such as: “Queen” or “Black Girl Magic”. By adding the personalization aspect to my earrings, each customer can have a pair of earrings unique to them! 

That was a guest post from Alana everyone! You guys, check out her etsy store out and her website, of course!

Etsy shop:

Bye everyone! Have a wonderful week ahead!!💖

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