MAJOR LIFE UPDATE! (Exams, School, Eid, Palestine)

It’s been forever since I sat down and penned something down. I tried to a few weeks back, but with everything going on around me, plus with how unpredictable life seems to be turning out, my brain has been on and off.

The whole break happened because of how busy online school got to be honest, I barely had time to gasp for breath, projects clashed, and my Teams call schedule was brimming with calls that needed urgent attention. And I did what I do best prioritizing my work and working accordingly. Then the mocks happened and before I knew it, it was time for finals, by that time Covid-19 in Sri lanka was picking up again. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Still pushed ahead, cause no matter how I felt on the inside, life had to continue, I had to move.

Glimpse into my night life, during the exams!

4th of May, my first AS paper (Pure Mathematics), began marking the many more to come, I went, did it with a mask on, plus not to mention the extra distancing, came home, and was exhausted all over again. The next paper was Chemistry, Paper 2, and it was to be held on the 10th, but unfortunately or fortunately for some, on the 7th of May Cambridge International Examinations called off all the running exam series in Sri Lanka, due to the growth in Covid-19 cases. All my hard work, evaporated gradually from my brain and I will have to condense the information in for a “future series”.

I am not going to waste my energy typing about Cambridge International, all I can say is they should have been prepared for better, when most exam boards called off their exams they went ahead. I would most probably have to do my AS papers for chemistry and biology either in October/ November or next year. As for that math paper I did, in case you are curious, Cambridge will give me a grade and not a two-digit number, based on that one paper for the subject Mathematics, (the subject also includes a statistics paper, but it wouldn’t be needed). An invisible virus has turned my education into a joke.

School is closed again, and I highly doubt that it will open anytime soon, as the country situation with regards to Covid is not in any sense getting better. My senior year will most probably start next month in June and I really hope to make the most of it! Some of my family members received the Covishield vaccine, which was given to Sri lanka by India. They received the first dose and it’s been well over 3.5 months but talks of them receiving the second dose seem unlikely of happening. The Sinopharm vaccine is now being administrated and I pray that the second dose arrives on time and is injected.

Eid Mubarak! I am probably a bit late on that. Sri Lanka celebrated Eid on Friday, the 14th, Allhamdulliah (all praise is to God). We were asked to stay at home as travel restrictions were imposed and it was almost similar to that of a curfew. I made Gulab jamun and brownies, the Gulab jamun turned out great, the brownies on the other hand not so well! We got lunch ordered and my Grandpa conducted the Eid payers at home. It was upsetting that we weren’t able to visit and meet our relatives, but it’s for the best. Safety should be our top priority. The hospitals in Sri Lanka are under strain as well, with about 2000+ cases being reported every day, may God make it easy on us and remove this virus from the face of the earth.

The world is in chaos and scrolling through the news and YouTube has genuinely become agonizing, the amount of suffering that countries, races, and humans are going through is simply uncalled for. For me at least, as the youth of the future, the lack of accountability that people in power seem to be facing right now is alarming. Ever since I was a kid, one thing I have always stood for is justice and for me to not see it happening is frustrating. What is happening in Palestine needs to stop, blood shed needs to stop, forced + illegal evictions need to stop, attacks on prayer sites need to stop, bombing on residential buildings need to stop, restriction of the media needs to stop. Freedom must prevail, peace needs to prevail, justice for all those innocent civilians need to prevail. It was Eid a few days back, and to be honest I couldn’t celebrate it, because I was privileged and the ones in Palestine weren’t. It was my mother’s birthday a few days back, and I didn’t feel the joy, how many children in Palestine have lost their mothers in the past few day, how many mothers would have lost their children in the past few days. The fact that the Palestinians suffering hasn’t been the only thing I have been thinking about the past few years, makes this situation upsetting. The suffering of people at the hands of people in power has been a continuous vicious cycle, especially the suffering imposed on the Muslims, we have the Uyghurs, the Rohingyas, and now the Palestinians. Someone needs to stand up and the least I can do is raise awareness! Our world leaders need to stand up and protect the rights of all people, despite race, colour and religion. You need not be from that specific community to speak up, you just need to be human.

Raise awareness and pray for the people of Palestine!
What my desktop looks like right now!

I redesigned my desktop wallpaper using canva, I am not completely done with it per say, but eventually making changes, Insha Allah (God willing). I tried doing more journaling as well, but gosh, my perfectionism is getting in the way! Await more posts on this blog, I have a few ideas! Signing off, Nabeeha Jameel!

20 thoughts on “MAJOR LIFE UPDATE! (Exams, School, Eid, Palestine)

  1. hey
    what a brilliant post
    its amazing how you live in Sri Lanka, and we can hear about what you get up to- the ‘power’ of the internet haha. I don’t know why I thought you were Pakistani 🤦‍♀️
    Alhamdulilah ur exams are done and inshaAllah u will do well in them 😊
    amazing post as usualll! xx

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    1. Thank you Marryam! Honestly, the power of the internet is amazing!😂💖 Ahh really, maybe I sounded Pakistani? I have met a lot of Pakistani bloggers actually and they have been amazing! 🤍 One subject is done and many more to come, yes Insha Allah giving it my best for the future examinations! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I couldn’t have thought that the wonderful, creative, mature mind behind this site is a talented school girl😍
    Mashaallah! May Allah give you more strength and success, Ameen
    Loved your thinking on overall issues, Mashaallah! You are on a right track, may Allah bless you more.
    I was more concerned about the news of ban on hijab in Srilanka.
    May Allah bless you more and make your way easier, Ameen 💖

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  3. All the best for the exams and studies Nabeeha. And may there be peace and healing in Palestine and the world. Tough times indeed. But nothing lasts. This too shall pass.

    Wow 🤩 you cook and bake too 😊🤗

    Love and blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ashok, it means a lot! Yes hoping for things to calm down soon as well!
      Yapp I do, planning on sharing some recipes that I personally tried and tested! 😂😁 Thank you for stopping by!✨

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  4. Hey welcome back! No issues, even I’ve become more irregular than ever, but I check WordPress atleast once a week for new posts from people I follow. I’m glad today I found one from you!
    Indeed, everything seems overwhelming, mentally exhausting. But stay strong- this too shall pass, maybe 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, feels so greatt to finally be back!💖! Honestly the WordPress community is simply wonderful!

      Yes I am hoping so too, for us saying things would pass seems easy but for the ones who are suffering the losses will leave scars forever, unfortunately! 😪

      Thank you for stopping by, means soo much to hear from all of you!💞


  5. This is such an interesting read, Nabeela! This so-called virus affected my education as well. My finals got delayed and there’s no specific date announced.. so I’m stuck. (late) Eid Mubarak! I hope you enjoyed ❤️ I feel really sad for what’s happening in Palestine. On every Ramadan and every Eid, a disaster will occur in Palestine and the world and media is silent about it. I pray the world will start taking some initiative regarding Palestine. All we can do is raise awareness and keep Palestine in our prayers.
    Good luck with your academics, Nabeela ♥️

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  6. What a beautiful coincidence 😅
    I am also experimenting on canva for my mobile and laptop wallpapers. And for my WordPress posts as well..
    And “Team” , “Zoom” and “arduino” are also a part of my home screen 🤣

    Eid Mubarak previously ☺

    Best of luck for the result and studies 😃

    Our Mid term papers result is expected in next week”” wish me luck 🙂

    Literally virus turned our studies into a joke 🙄

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oooh yay!! Glad we have things that are similar!!♥️ I recently started experimenting with canva for wallpapers and the blog, before it was only for school projects!😂

      Thank you, I hope you do great in your Mid term papers! ♥️
      Actually the education system is such a mess because of this pandemic😅🤗

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  7. Hello Nabeeha Yes, God has a plan for the world. We just have to wait and see it when God decides. Bad things happen to make us aware of how suffering effects us all. Praying is the one way to have Heavenly Father answer us. His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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