Asslamualiakum everyone! Asslamualiakum translates to may peace be upon you and is a greeting that many Muslims around the world use when they meet each other. The person greeted would reply with Walaikum Assalam, which translates to may peace be upon you too✨. I have been using various forms of greeting to familiarize my readers and also to spread the knowledge I have within me! I started school exactly a week ago (22nd of June), this post is being written before that. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect to start my final year at school on Teams, but it’s true that destiny doesn’t lie in my hands🤗. Despite the country being in lockdown, here I am for the second time starting a new academic year online. The whole situation is pretty depressing, but I am preparing mentally and physically to take this in a positive stride.

I have most of my textbooks since AL’s is a continuation of my AS Level but writing book I did not have. Buying new books is a major source of motivation for me, and wrapping those books up using different patterned covers truly gives me the feeling of the commencement of a new academic year🙌🏽. Since the whole country is under lockdown, only online orderings may be made. Hence, along with a few groceries I got five writing books delivered. But covers unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of😓. So, to satisfy myself plus motivate me I wrote the subject names in big capital letters on my books, plus I will be designing a few topic covers to paste on the inside of my books.

What my new writing books currently look like. Shoutout to Atlas as well, my favorite Sri Lankan stationary brand. 💖

Last year I wrapped all my books with newspaper and then did art on them. This year I don’t even have proper newspaper at home.

How my books looked last year! This idea is honestly soo cute, you should give it a go!

Mental preparation is another aspect that’s important in motivating myself to face online school. Mental preparation has been going on for long time. I am trying to take everything positively and make the most of the situation. I have been reading this book about Self Care, it for sure has some wonderful tips.

The self-care book that I am currently reading. Got this from the Big Bad Wolf sale.

Setting goals for this year. I still haven’t exactly finished my AS Level, due to the pandemic so parts of last year are still stuck in my head. I have goals in terms of my exam results, plus leading up to the preparations of both the exams. Managing both exams might be a challenge, be I am ready to face it💪🏽. A glimpse into some of the goals include-

  • Receive 3A’s for my AS examinations.
  • Do plenty of past papers for AS, at least seven more years.
  • Complete topical past paper questions once a topic is done with.
  • Keep designing cover pages for biology.
My first cover page for my biology chapter. 💜

Hopefully, I can achieve these goals, if not at least stick by them to some extent. The goals will change throughout this year plus there will be some new ones in there, that is something I have to expect. Change needs to be embraced.

Redesigning my desktop wallpaper. Now, I know I did this very recently, but my friend this this one where she included her timetable and some pictures of her classmates etc… It looks absolutely wonderful. So, I decided that I would redesign mine to include things that motivate me, so each time before I start school, I would be looking at these pictures. This was a really exciting task and Canva is being super cooperative! I basically used pictures that speak to me and included it in my wallpaper. I cannot share the entire thing, because there’s soo many pictures involved. 😁

Some pictures I used.

Right now, things might not be going as planned to many of you, but like me please attempt to see the brighter side. Through these small steps I am slowly motivating myself to give it my best during this final year at school. If you are going through a difficult time, them my comment section is available if you need to talk. Hope you learnt something through this post and are feeling motivated to face your respective academic years. Bye, have a great week ahead, see you on Friday! 💞


  1. Aww! That’s so cute. Trust me, when you go to college or uni, you wouldn’t even have notebooks (cause by that time, you would be lazy and engaged in studies like most of us, I suppose? Haha xD). These little steps of positivity will definitely help you. All the best for your new academic year!
    ^_^ ❤

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  2. I love the covers!! Especially the mandala art ones, I’ve been getting into mandala art too! I love hoe intricate the details are, it takes up time but its so relaxing😌👏💕
    If I’m being honest I don’t take online school seriously, and my grades are going down because of that.
    I try to keep myself motivated and actually take notes but i just can’t.
    I let last year go by, but I’m hoping to do better this year😀
    Great post, Nabeeha!💗

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    1. Thank you Evin, glad you liked my mandalas. Ooh that sounds amazing, I would love to see some of your mandala art work!🙌
      Oh no, I don’t exactly concentrate too well with regards to online school, but I can’t afford to let my grades drop, because of the CIE😐. I know it’s super hard to stay motivated with regards to online school, it’s extremely DEPRESSING. My online classes are super boring, no one’s willing to talk, so I have to answer all the questions that my teachers have. I hope that you manage well this academic year Evin!♥️♥️

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  3. Online classes can be tough, right? I love what you have done with those newspaper covers and mandala art. I was done with school and college long ago, so I won’t be able to relate to online classes. But I’m glad that you’re doing all that you can to stay motivated.

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    1. They are absolutely depressing! No one switches on their cameras so it’s pretty boring, me just staring at a blank screen. No one bothers talking as well! 😭 I can’t wait to get back to physical school. Thank you, glad you liked the covers.♥️

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  4. Right…
    Online school has plusses and minuses..
    Not easy to concentrate and grasp online….main issue is missing the social interaction..learning from each other..growing with each other..
    You are creative…keep at it..
    Stay blessed always

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  5. It was really interesting learning about that greeting. Walaikum Assalam then I guess! 😊 I also really like buying new books before a school year to take notes in. Wow, those are some really pretty book cover designs! ❤

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