Hey y’all! Geet here!!

Wondering why I’m writing on Nabeeha’s blog and not mine?

It’s because I’m gonna take over her blog. And we are switching blog for the rest of our blog life.


No, I was joking hahaha (not that funny tho, right? I’ll laugh anyway)  

It’s because I’m doing my first ever guest post! I’m thankful to Nabeeha for telling me how a guest post works, and plus she agreed to let me do a guest post on her blog!! If you want to see her awesome post, then head over to Geet’s Not-So-Secret_Diary (my blog!!)

So today I will be doing, ‘My favorite quotes and why’ so let’s get started!! I’m so exuberant thrilled!

what is it with my vocabulary today


So once everyone makes a mistake, all they say is sorry, but they need to understand that sorry doesn’t fix stuff all the time. It’s like shooting someone with a gun and then saying sorry, and the person has chances of dying. . . Lmao that was the worst example ever-

If you have made a mistake then just do something to make up to the person. Don’t ask “What can I do to make up to you” ‘cause people don’t say much that time, but everyone loves a small favor/gift.

This, hit’s hard doesn’t it?

Doesn’t everyone just want to hear perfect things?

Well, I’ve been lied to, by like some of my friends, and they’re probably reading this right now and that’s why I found this so relatable.

I mean, it’s true, why can’t people just speak the truth instead of hurting someone by lying, ‘cause after they find out, it’s gonna make it worse

I like this quote so much, because it always motivates me to say the truth, no matter how harsh it is.

Sad quote? Yes.

I love this quote as there are sometimes where I relate to it.

I might not be that old, but like, don’t really judge me thinking that I’m pretending to be sad or sumn. I’ve seen many people judging younger people, thinking they are pretending to do stuff for attention and hence I have to say this.

Aaaah I feel like quoting ‘Don’t judge my life by the chapter you walked in on.’ So that’s exactly what you all are going to do

Things are complicated right-?


To all my followers – Please do learn sumn from this quote okay? Tell them what you deserve ❤

And don’t let them go too far, be careful about that!

Speak, when you can’t stand stuff. 🙂

Lots of people can take you as granted so-


Queen Quote Moment

*waits for a moment*

I don’t know how to explain this, but I find it very empowering.

*loses the words*

Like, I don’t think this can be explained in words lmao-

It’s a strong quote, and qweens reading this, create your own crowns ^^

Okay that was it for this post!

I have a lot more, but it would make this post REALLY REALLY LONG lmao-

I hope you liked this post ❤

And which was your favourite quote? Let me know in the comments!


-Geet from Geet’s Not-So-Secret_Diary


  1. Hahaha, I love how you’ve put up k-pop idols’ pictures. Anyways, this post hits hard. Sorry really is not a magic eraser. Your thoughts are very well put, Geet!
    Thanks Nabeeha for bringing her to your blog and giving us a chance to discover more bloggers!

    Liked by 2 people

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