Bonjour! I am feeling a bit French today! How have you been doing? I am almost three weeks into online school, and gosh isnโ€™t it getting a bit hectic. I have my AS exams as well in October/November to top all those scoops of life up. ๐Ÿ˜Todayโ€™s post is with regards to a MANDALA PROJECT I did a while back!

0.75 hours into starting the mandala

When I started with the Mandala the plan was to fill the entire page with a Black and White only Mandala. But after I completed the crust layer, I decided this mandala has too much black in it to make it look pleasing to the eye. Hence, my artistic mind decided time to chop this mandala and paste it on my journal, then treasure it as a memory with all my life. The mandala sat for a good two days in my journal. Suddenly on the third day at about 10pm, my brain suggested adding a floral pattern to the journal page since it looked way too blank. Inspired, I stayed up till 11pm sketching the floral pattern using a pencil.

I decided to do drips of patterns amidst the floral patterns, just to give the artwork a refreshing look. Plus the drips were wonderful in taking up space, hence, I didn’t have to push myself to come up with new floral patters. Next was inking the floral patterns.

The final part of the project was to add some color to the floral pattern. I always choose bright colors to make the artwork look attractive.

Used different shades of green for the leaves. I also chose a BRIGHT YELLOW for the sunflowers.
After 3.5 hours of working, my latest masterpiece was complete!

I used normal black pens that I used to write with for school. Both gel and non-gel, Gel pens for the thicker/ outline lines and non-gel to fill in the artwork with patterns. For the coloring bit of the artwork, I used Crayola Supertips, I have the 50 pack. I would highly recommend you get those for yourself if you are looking for great markers to use.

This masterpiece is now part of my desktop wallpaper!

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Also, I was thinking of selling my artwork, would people be interested in buying though?

If you have any mandala related questions, then ask away in the comment section. Have a great week ahead!


    1. Thank you Shweta!
      Really? I have been wanting to sell my art for a long time, but I am scared of taking that first step and starting! What if no one’s going to be willing to buy my pieces!๐Ÿ˜…

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      1. I know many people who have started a business from the posts in their instagram accounts. There are so many platforms available. You are very talented indeed. You’ll never know until you try ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

        Liked by 1 person

  1. this is amazing! im sure many would be interested in buying your works, maybe make an Etsy account and sell on there? you could even offer to make custom pieces with peoples’ names (like your profile picture) amazing post as usual! โค๏ธ

    Liked by 1 person

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