The day has finally arrived. YOU ARE CURRENTLY READING MY 100TH POST! EEEK! 🥳

YAY! I am soo excited, such a milestone to be honest, Allhamdulliah (all praise is to Allah). Exactly six posts back I asked my readers to ASK MY ANYTHING. Throughout this post I am simply going to be answering all your questions and exposing myself. I have never done a ASK ME ANYTHING post or a REACTING TO YOUR ASSUMPTIONS post, so this is just a lot of information about myself. 😆 Let’s jump right into this!

Poorwa Vishwakarma

1. How much time does it take for you to write, edit and publish a blog post?

Well, that depends on the type of the post mainly and how busy my life is at that point in time. The longest I have taken to write, edit and publish a post is about three days, with plenty of breaks in between of course. If the post is really urgent and I have caught myself procrastinating😶, then I can finish a post within two hours. Most of my posts are scheduled beforehand in order to make sure that I don’t get too stressed out, plus it helps to already have things planned than wait to get things done the day before.


1. Who is your favorite singer?

AURORA! My favorite song right now is Runaway by AURORA. The song is so raw and relatable on soo many different levels. I also love the parts she voiced with Into the Unknown.

H.R Phoenix, Author

1. What’s your favorite genre to read?

Detective and Mystery would be my favorite genre to read since it keeps me on my toes throughout the story.

2. Would you rather cough bubbles a hundred times a day or sneeze spaghetti five times a day?

Cough Bubbles a hundred times a day. Bubbles are such cute, little transparent things; I would gladly produce them😂. Anything out of my nose, isn’t exactly something that I would entertain.

3. Favorite Disney movie?

Ooh so this is a tough one. I would say Brave (I am still a kid😂). I haven’t watched too many movies to be honest, and out of the ones I have watched Brave has always been a favorite. Hopefully, I will get to watch Cruella soon, the trailers and sneak peeks have been hyping me up.

4. Favorite clothes store?

In Sri Lanka, it would be Arienti. The clothes are super cute. Internationally, I don’t have one, I shop from all over.

5. What’s a book you wished you wrote?

This isn’t exactly an individual book, but a series. The Alex Rider books, I loved those!

6. What advice to you have for bloggers to get more blog followers?

Interact. This is the key to open the door to receiving loads of traffic plus follows. Like I have mentioned in my previous posts, there are plenty of blogs out there and people aren’t going to magically stumble across yours. You need to get yourself known in the blogging community by building meaningful relationships with other bloggers✨.

Happy Panda

1. Your most embarrassing crush?

I for sure come across as a boring person throughout this Q&A, but unfortunately no crush as such so far.

2. Your quirkiest habit?

I like reading absolutely everything😁. There was this whole trend a while back where people used to have a words printed on their couches, I used to read what’s written on the couch too. I soak in the shower reading what’s written on the shampoo bottles and hop out of the shower to read what’s written on the body lotion bottle.

This once my uncle had a t-shirt on with some words written on it. I was sitting quite a distant back, and I absolutely had to read what was written, even though I had to strain real hard. The poor fellow was a bit spooked to be honest, I was probably staring at him for a good five minutes. 😂

3. If you had to recommend one place to travel to in Sri Lanka, which place would you recommend?

Galle. I like the whole vibrant and busy nature of that area. Plus the beaches, the food is great too and it’s a few hours away from Colombo so it’s often a weekend spot for many of us.


1. fave posts to write?

The Story of my Life posts. I don’t have to do any particular research to write those posts, since, it’s basically about what’s going on in my life. It also feels great to vent and get things off your chest.

2. how many blogs do you follow?

A LOT! To be precise 252. Inhale and Exhale. Around fifty of these blogs aren’t active or have been abandoned by their owners, but I don’t have the heart to unfollow. The authors of these blogs have been wonderful friends and people who supported me when I started blogging, so in case they returned to their blogs I want to be there for them. 💜

3. fave posts to read?

Blogging posts. Especially when bloggers are being super raw and honest. The posts where the bloggers complain about blogging, OH, those are my favorite! 😂! The feeling of being able to relate to what they write about is all I am living for. I also like Art and Craft posts, mandala posts are some of my favorite to read as well, since, it’s rare to find mandala artists on the WordPress platform.

4. what’s a place you’d love to visit (irl)?

Maldives. The ocean is calling me. (Moana vibes right now!😂)

5. fave song?

Right now, it’s Runaway by AURORA. I got hooked after seeing the Runaway Aurora trend on Tik Tok. The lyrics give me the feels! 🎈


1. What is a piece of advice for new bloggers? (Geet Bhatnagar had the same question in mind)

I have posts dedicated for bloggers who are looking for tips to grow their blogs. Check them out below, for more insight.

2. How the heck do you manage a blog and school?!

Posts I had scheduled on the 27th of June

I love this question. So, I schedule all my posts. I never leave them till the last minute. During my holidays I write as much as possible and always have at least 4 posts scheduled the week I start school, hence, as soon as I start school, I don’t have to bother about creating content for 2 weeks. (Four posts scheduled, cover two weeks of content)

I also plan ahead, if I know that it’s exam month or a hectic time at school, I come up with a bunch of content whenever I have the free time and schedule, schedule, and schedule. Simply. Pre-plan✨. Work during the weekends and create a blogging schedule that you can stick to.

3. Does music play an important role to your life?

No, as mentioned earlier I try to stay away from music as much as possible!🤗

4. Fave:
– actor?

Not exactly an actor. But he SHOULD count!💓

DOBBY! From the selected number of movies, I have watched, this guy is my absolute favorite. I was crying buckets when he died. Poor thing! 💔


Emma Watson. Also, from Harry Potter. I loved her performance in the Beauty and the Beast as well.

-fictional lead character?

Starr from The Hate U Give. ✊🏽



5. Would you blog for your entire life? (Haha, just make a prediction, maybe?)

Yes, for as long as I feel alive, I want to blog. Blogging is such a wonderful art to perform. It has taught me quite a lot and meeting new people has to be my favorite part.

6. How would you describe yourself in a food item?

I would probably be something sweet and super colorful🙌🏽. Hard from the outside but soft on the inside. My friends describe me as a barfi. A barfi is an Indian sweet that is milk- based and comes in various different colors and flavors.


1. What’s the weirdest post you’ve ever done?

I went through my list of posts and through my memory bank in my brain as well, but fortunately (THANK GOD) I couldn’t find any trace of weird posts. Every post I have done on this blog has been something that I fully approve of and appreciate.

2. What’s your favorite outfit?

A pink outfit and BOY, I am not surprised! 😂! The top I got from Sri Lanka and the Skirt/Sarong is actually from Malaysia. I normally half tuck the the top, because otherwise it doesn’t look too good!

3. Aaand what’s your favorite book, or what are your favorite books?

I liked The Book Thief. Unhooking the Moon was the first book I cried for, so I would say those two sums up my favorite books soo far. It’s a worthy title that not every book deserves! 😉


1. Which colour would you wear most?

Pink! It’s my favorite color. I also find cuter outfits with pink. PINK. PINK. PINK. 😄

Tanishq Abhi Gupta

1. What should a person choose between “peace” & “freedom”?

Omg this is such a tricky question. I think you need both to be honest, there’s no point in having freedom if it doesn’t come with peace. But if I were forced to pick one then I would go with freedom. Peace would absolutely make no sense if I didn’t have the freedom to do what I wanted. Control is one thing I am not a fan of, and freedom is something I value very much.

2. Favorite Tv. series?

I unfortunately don’t watch any Tv. Series. I am not such a fan of watching TV. I would prefer books instead! 😂

That was such a loonngg post! Hope you stuck with me throughout! Over 1500 words was a lot to type, plus a lot of exposing! 😏! The next post I publish is going to be my 101st post, ahh, just the thought of coming this far has been amazing. Thank you soo much everyone for the questions and for hanging on this long, I appreciate every single one of you. BrainStorms is also going to hit 1000 follows soon, thank you soo much everyone for all the support. See you all soon! 💜 Bye!


  1. Girl you’re so interesting! Why do you think you aren’t! I loved reading your answers. Dobby surely counts as an actor😂🥺 Thanks for answering mine too!
    Happy 100th Post!!

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  2. Congratulations on your 100th post and congratulations on advance for hitting 1k followers! So happy for you, Nabeeha. I loved your answers. As for your quirky habit, you’re not alone. I do that too! And it’s amazing how organised you are when it comes to writing and scheduling Blog posts in advance.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your blog’s so cool! Loved it! It has quality content, and yes you are right, I interaction is the key to a successful blog! Many people just leave comments unanswered, and think they will be famous in a day! Keep up the good work😀📚

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  4. This was a lovely read. It was nice learning a lot about you from this post. Love your taste in clothing. Congratulations on your 100th post!!

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