What really is a perfect day supposed to mean?

Without any clutches, without any worries and without any rotten luck. At least to me.

I wake up with a super-optimistic skip in my step, as I see the sun rays slowly creeping in through the curtain fabric. A few songbirds near my window, chirping melodiously, I peek through it to see a joyful world.

My day is going to be the slowest day ever. I hate the rush I go through everyday. I slowly shake off my sleepy self and sip through a hot drink. I spend the entire morning wandering in the nearby water creek (There is no creek in reality), writing my thoughts on a paper.

After a hearty breakfast, I catch up with my family and we have a deep conversation about philosophical things and the world. Again, not the reality.

After a relaxing bath, I have a few school lectures, only the ones that interest me as such. Next in my day, I head over to the nearby bakery, where my friends awaited me. We talk for an hour and I go home. I retire to my bedroom and read a book, undisturbed for hours.

As hours pass by, after the last drop of hot cocoa has touched my tongue, I get out of my lounging mood of book fantasy. All my laundry is beautifully done and laid out (magically?), that leaves me with no chores. Something that only I would wish for.

I open my mail box to find tons of mail, from friends to pen pals to blogger friends. I love interacting with people, as long as it’s via text. In real life, sometimes I can be awkward. I work on my novel (I don’t even have the brains to work out a story, let alone a novel) and draft down a few blog posts and schedule a few of them. (I have to break my head to draft even one.)

I venture back into the water creek with my camera and do some nature photography. I spend a half an hour or something over there and get back home for tea time.

A cup of milk with a side of my favorite snack and music make my perfect evening

I daydream about my still feeble and young blog being read by thousands and then do some assignments from school (even during my perfect day?). A walk in the breeze with some of my favorite music, I wonder about how the next day will be.

The ending of my day is perhaps the best part for me. My family would be ready with movie snacks and in a great mood for a late night binge-watch. We all sit on a couch, sipping our juices and munching our popcorn as we watch our favorite TV show. That would be a dream.

So, if you’ve understood me and connected to the things I’ve said, I basically tried to picture things that don’t happen everyday to me. If there is something I can admit, it’d be that my perfect day isn’t practical at all. But there’s nothing bad in imagining things, right? 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this!

Not-so-daintily loving you,


22 thoughts on “GUEST POST: MY PERFECT DAY!

  1. Loved this post! My perfect day would probably be a rainy day, no one in the house, just me and my Chimmy plushie, all the food and snacks I want and binge watching Run BTS 😂😂. A little realistic but I don’t see it happening in A WHILE

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  2. I guess that was a day everyone would love to have! I would love to have a day drawing and tryin on some new recipes!!! Spend some time with nature and enjoy its goodness… My creative juices are flowing. It was a beautiful blog💜

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