IF I WERE EATING ICE CREAM WITH YOU… (Exams, Reading, Life and more)

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I sat down and got real with all of you with regards to a complicated word that I still don’t fully understand “life”. It’s the 18th of July, approximately 10pm and here I am readying myself to go on a full-blown ramble.  

If I were eating ice cream with you, I’ll tell you that I don’t understand the meaning of life. At times you tend to feel happy and then you tend to feel sad. What is the purpose of the time I spend on earth from my birth date to my death date? I have been thinking about this lately, and I am sure that at some point in your life, you’ve thought of this too. I thought I had this question sorted but here I am again thinking about it. It’s hilarious, I sort this question out and then two weeks down the line, I am thinking about it all over again. My purpose in life is to make a difference, a positive one and inspire plus also aspire. I don’t want to be extraordinary but be more than extraordinary. Please God and go to heaven. Be me and never change it for anyone out there. Embrace who I truly am and live the best life I can. That is the purpose of my life. If I ever have to think about the purpose of life again, I am glad to know that I have this post to come back to.

If I were eating ice cream with you, I’ll tell you that I am currently on a one-week holiday from school, since it’s the week of Eid al Adha. I am excited for Eid; we didn’t go out to shop this time due to the Covid-19 variants out there. We are being responsible citizens and squishing into the clothes we have. I will probably make some sweets for Eid so that we could have a mini celebration at home with the ones we treasure the most Insha Allah (God willing).

If I were eating ice cream with you, I’ll tell you that even though I am on a one-week holiday from online school, I still have homework and extra classes to attend to. Not to forget individually studying my textbooks. We have mid-semester exams in August for my AL’s and then I also have mock examinations in September before I sit my ON (October/November) exams for AS. Hence, a lot of studying and digesting information.

Due to the hectic schedule, I am thoroughly planning out my blogging content because I don’t want to go on a break again. I have posts scheduled till the end of this month, but I need to cover August and September too.

Posts I have scheduled already.

Over my past twelve years in school, I have found study methods that work for me, I read and understand the content then I try to do as many past paper questions as I can. Past paper questions are an actual lifesaver. All I am sincerely praying for is that the exams in October/November should not get cancelled, if they do it’ll be the second time my AS exams got cancelled and I don’t think I am willing to go through that.

Last time I had exams. A glimpse into my late night studying and doing past papers.

If I were eating ice cream with you, I’ll tell you that blogging is seriously going well. I have been getting more than a hundred views on a majority of my posts. Likes have been not so good, but in some way, they are picking up as well. I had one of my posts reach over two hundred views and I was soo over-joyed Masha Allah. The numbers aren’t everything, I agree. But numbers are a huge part of blogging. When I invest time into drafting up a post then I expect some engagement. At times, it’s super disheartening when I don’t get the expected engagement for a post that I worked hard on, it injures my heart a bit. I think my readers can relate.

If I were eating ice cream with you, I’ll tell you that I have been reading soo many more books over the past month. I almost gave up reading fiction around the time I was in tenth grade, and it was one thing I missed. Reading made me extremely happy and due to how busy things were getting it was something I had to sacrifice. I am soo glad that I could get back to it. We cannot visit the library in person and choose our books due to the risk that Covid-19 still possess. Hence, the British Council library in Sri Lanka has an online book ordering feature, where I can place an order online and then go pick the books up. The website is a bit hard to navigate and takes it takes a while to find books, but I am soo grateful Allhamdulliah (Praise be to God) that I can get back to reading!

A few books that I read over the past month and my ratings.

Lastly, if I were eating ice cream with you, I’ll tell you that I choose ice cream for this session because it’s one dessert that never fails in making me happy. My favorite flavor would be chocolate with chocolate chips. What is your favourite?

That is it for today everyone. Time to end this blog post. Byee!

30 thoughts on “IF I WERE EATING ICE CREAM WITH YOU… (Exams, Reading, Life and more)

  1. I would love to eat ice cream with you. It’s my favorite dessert. Chocolate with chocolate chips is simply divine. But my favorite flavor is coffee ice cream. I also like cookie dough flavored ice cream. But really I am game to try any flavor really. As long as it is ice cream it must be good!

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  2. It would be lots of fun to have ice cream with you! My favorite is cinnamon oreo, although depending on where we are, cinnamon oreo might not be available… *shrugs*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow that’s such an interesting flavour. I haven’t even heard of it! In Sri Lanka we don’t exactly have a lot of ice cream places, the one place I go to, doesn’t have this flavour unfortunately!😭

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  3. I’d definitely have ice cream with you: you’re a fun and interesting person to have a conversation with!
    My favorite has to be chocolate, cookies n cream, coffee, vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and brownies (definitely my biggest guilty pleasure), and surprisingly walnut flavored ice cream.

    Btw, what are your favorite flavors?

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    1. Aww thank you! I am sure that I’ll have a wonderful time chatting with you! 🙌

      I like chocolate, french vanilla, durian, vanilla chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, mango, cookies and cream,I love the brownie flavoured ones too! At times depending on the mood I am in, I like to enjoy fruit and nut!😂💜

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  4. If, I could get 100 views on any of my posts I would be extremely ecstatic. How does one get 100 views on any blog post? I love ice cream. Flavours strawberry, maple walnut, Butterscotch Ripple, Vanilla Soft Ice Cream Cones. There must be more but just woke up.

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    1. I guess getting 100+ views will have to do with consistency. It’s obviously not something I reached overnight, it takes a while. Maybe I will do a post soon filled with more blogging tips! 🙌

      Omg yes I like butterscotch as well, in Brunei we had Jollibee I loved their soft serves the rocky road sundae was the best! 💕🙌


      1. I am going to keep blogging and hope to reach 100 views per post as an objective. I did good with receiving Blogging Nominations in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Over those three years I had received 42 Blogging Nominations in total. For me that was awesome. I am still humbled and grateful for those who nominated me.

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  5. As someone who also has a couple of exams just around the corner, this made me feel that I’m not alone. I’ve been wanting to get back to reading too but I don’t think I’ll be able to anytime soon as I have so much to work on for the exams but will definitely get back to it in a few weeks. I would totally love to have ice cream with you and talk the night away.

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    1. Oh no! I am trying my best to balance everything out while studying at the same time. Don’t want to overload myself as well!🤗

      Honestly, I would love to talk to you as well!🙌


  6. This is a BEAUTIFUL post! I want to eat ice cream with you now 🤪 Can totally relate to your purpose in life. I tell such things to myself often and ask myself why we live this life.
    It‘s amazing how you already have a blogging schedule. You’re very systematic and that’s the way to be! All the very best for your exams. 👍🤍

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