Hello everyone! I am back with a mandala post for today. I was going through my gallery and few of my older blog posts that I had written for my ex- now deleted blog, and I stumbled across this picture:

This mandala was my first ever professional piece that I did, and I even have it framed. I obviously have come a long way from my first ever piece of doodling and looking back at this picture makes me proud of all the progress I have made within the short span of a few years. When I deleted my previous blog, Jumbled Thoughts, I made it a point to copy all my posts to a word document, because that blog was a huge part of me and I wanted some piece of it to still be alive within me (I’ll do a post on why I deleted that blog soon). Here’s a glimpse of what I had written on my previous blog, along with the picture of the mandala.

Well this is most certainly not my first ever work that I have inked on paper rather it might be like my tenth, but this is most certainly the first piece of work that I professionally completed. When I show my family my piece of work, many tend to gaze in awe at it, and assume that it is very hard. I tell them it’s not, but most tend to refuse to believe my words. Countless amount of people look at my work and think that it’s a work of pure perfection, but I find that the beauty of art is not making things perfect rather creating pieces that the eyes can devour.

The beauty of art is always truly shown when one puts in effort, love and the essence of oneself into the work they do. Many may tend to copy other mandala’s that they may stumble upon online, but what is the worth of copying some else’s ideas when you can come up with your very own. I’m sure that every one of you would be feeling extremely honored when you present work that you thought of, than borrowing ideas from another source.

Art is a very complicated word.  But I tell you that everyone has some kind of artistic talent in themselves, that just needs to bubble up to the surface. Don’t ever be afraid to add meraki into your work. Try drawing Mandala’s, and I am sure your work would always be a success because remember that art is not perfectionism. Don’t ever give up if it doesn’t turn out all right rather keep trying you will get it someday.

Reading that was somewhat of an emotional moment for me. I think I did that mandala approximately about four years back. Looking back at my work it doesn’t only remind me of the progress I have made in the art world, but it reminds me of the progress I have made as a person during the past four years. My school life, home life and personal mini bubble, things have changed. The thing about doing a mandala is that it takes a long time and while I spend about two hours on one mandala, those two hours I reflect on things as well. It’s me. My mandala. My thoughts. The funny thing though is all those thoughts translate into shapes that I have used in my mandalas, and by looking at a mandala I remember my state of mind while I was crafting it. Those mandalas are not simply pieces of art, but bits of memories too.

One I started recently. Did a mini project with it, await the pictures!

Got a bit emotional writing this, I didn’t expect that. But hormones exist! Thank you for coming back to read this, hoping to see you in the next post and if you haven’t already left questions for me to answer in my 100th post then click here. Have a great week ahead! Goodbye!


    1. So, a mandala is a circular piece of art made of geometric symbols. I think it has a certain meaning in terms of religion as well. But for me, a mandala is a circular piece of art, that represents peace. 💕


  1. Beautifully mandalas, Nabeeha. It’s amazing that you can even remember the thoughts you had while creating the mandala! I’m glad that you thought to back up your previous blog before deleting it

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    1. Honestly, those mandalas are bits of memories for me. I am kinda amazed at myself as well, that I could remember the thoughts and situations under which I drafted my mandalas. Most of my mandalas take at least 4.5 hours of work. 💜🙌

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    1. Oooh that’s soo cool, I have a coloring book that has a few mandalas to color too, and they look stunning. Glad you find coloring them relaxing, drawing them gives you the same feeling as well, you should give it a go! Thank you Maria!💓

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  2. These are really beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try making Mandalas before I turn 20, but now I have even less than a week and I still don’t know how to start. Can you help me with that?

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    1. Ooh a week to go. Okay so, it’s not as hard as it seems, if you are not confident then you can avoid starting the mandala from the centre of the page and instead start from one of the corners. Ideally I would prefer using a compass to slightly trace some circles, you should make sure that each circle represents the amount of space needed for that layer of art. Then you fill the circles/layers in, with patterns and your mandala starts to form. I would do a post in the near future for the beginners in the mandala art field.💗✨
      Hope you understood to some extent, let me know if you have any other questions Sonali, I’ll help!

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  3. I love how art and emotions are so connected, whether it’s what you feel when you look at other artists’ work, or your own. 🙂 Beautiful mandala, Nabeeha, and looks like the in-progress one is shaping up well too!

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  4. That’s a beautiful mandala, Nabeeha! It’s thoughtful of you to backup the posts from your previous blog. Your thoughts on an art’s imperfections and an artist’s originality is great!

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  5. Awwwnn I love this post! Your mandalas look beautiful and I love the story behind it. Everything about this post is beautiful. Also, I get that feeling of nostalgia too like when I find old journals and read them. Just looking at how much I’ve changed makes me almost cry everytime😂

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