Welcome back to the 7th blog post for the Blogger Up Series! Today we will be featuring Muskan Sharma from Shethinker! Shethinker is a blog I have been following for a while now and I love the content, most certainly a blog that needs some attention.

Everything in bold is me commenting or asking questions! While everything that is unbold is totally Muskhan Sharma’s words!

1. What does the word “Blogging” mean to you?

To me, blogging is an escape from the raging storm of thoughts in my head. it is also a form of self-expression, a form of self-care for me. (Couldn’t have summarized it better!)

2. Could you explain the meaning behind the name of your blog?

When I started blogging or say, writing, I never allowed myself the liberty to be called a writer, I knew there was a lot of scope for improvement, and still is, so I came up with this term that I don’t write, I merely think. and hence if not a writer I am a thinker (shethinker). But now when I look at the deeper meaning of it, I realize and which I firmly believe in that, women of this world, irrespective of where they are, have the most beautiful minds of all, a woman’s wisdom is like an untapped treasure. so shethinker for me is a symbol of all those unheard or unspoken voices. (Such a beautiful meaning. Honestly I still wouldn’t call myself a writer too, I am not too sure on when I’ll be willing to call myself that)

3. What has been your most successful post soo far on your blog?

Well, I had never thought to check this, but now after your question that I have found out. it is one of the stories I wrote titles ” THE TOUCH…” ( )

4. I love the poems you write. How do you come up with ideas for your poems?

In my poems, I let out all the emotions bottled up inside, it could be due to some real-life incident or a fictional scenario that these thoughts or emotions get incited. However, there are days when I’m devoid of thoughts, so I observe my surroundings or bring up any memory from the past and use them as a muse for poetry.

5. Let our readers know of one blogging tip you stand by.

One blogging tip would be to stay consistent, but not at the cost of the peace of your heart and mind. consistency helps the blog to grow, but at times we all need a break, so be easy on yourselves, while staying focused. (True. Don’t overwork yourselves guys. Breaks are normal!)

6. How do you stay motivated to blog?

All the love I get for my writings makes me stay motivated to write and share more and more, and I mean it!

7. Name three topics that you write about the most. 

Honestly, there are no specific topics I write about the most or repetitively but yes, in all of my poetries an element of Love is always there.

8. What do you value most in your life?

I value my friendship (my friends) the most, as I truly believe they are the family I have chosen and they always reach out to me when I need them and encourage me to do my best in whatever I do.

9. What is your favorite part of the day?

Night (post-midnight). when the night is at its darkest and hearts at their purest

10. Coffee or tea?

Coffee. (Same I cannot stand tea. I stopped drinking tea when I was a kid maybe at around the age of 5. I have never had a sip of tea since)

If you went through this interview carefully then it’s no doubt that you noticed how poetic Muskan’s answers were. Her writing is just so flawless and flows in such a beautiful manner. Do check her blog out if you haven’t already. I am sure that we can call Muskan a writer.

If you are not too sure on what exactly the Blogger Up Series is, then click here! And if you are interested in being featured in the Blogger Up Series contact me through Contact Us! Bye for now!


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