Rewind, Reflect, Reset! (Motivational Pep Talk)

Asslamualiakum Everyone✨! That is the greeting that we Muslims use, when we meet someone, in English it translates to Peace be Upon you (beautiful isn’t it?😍). The past week has honestly been CRAZY HECTIC. I had soo many competitions coming my way, I honestly didn’t know what hit me. The competitions are still going on, but I am learning step by step to manage and prioritize my work, but at the same time get everything done, Allhamdulliah (all praise to God) . This was an article that I wrote for our school’s E- Magazine, so, enough with the ramble. Let’s move onto the article! 💖

We all face that part in life, where everything just comes to a standstill, no motivation, no energy and at that point in life you just feel like throwing it all in and quitting everything possible, just isolating, and with those hormones dancing in there, things are not one bit easy. When faced with a challenging problem, one thing I, always do is rewind, reflect and reset. Eventually, even the most productive of people just burn out, that is why it is important for you take frequent breaks, Rewind, Reflect and Reset.

When faced with a problem rewinding does miracles, it helps you reminisce the past, your achievements, your failures, and your tries. Now I, can totally relate with you if you tell me that you simply cannot remember tasks that you completed. Scientific proof notes, that women tend to forget about tasks they completed but remember the tasks they must complete, while it is the opposite with the men (to be honest, I am not too surprised!). Hence, if you need to note down what you have done, do it, even small things would do, writing your achievements, failures and tries, down further enhances your gratitude. When faced with a challenging problem or a challenging opportunity, our ‘This is Impossible’ mindset seems to switch on immediately. That is exactly when I rewind, think of all the problems I faced and overcame, and things that I once thought impossible, I have achieved, so why can’t I conquer this as well? I for sure can! We need the “I can do this attitude”, like famous philosophers said, the only thing stopping you is you!

Rewinding itself is not enough, to motivate and encourage yourself, you need to reflect. There is no point reminiscing over all your previous achievements and memories if you do not ponder over them. Like I told you earlier every experience, every failure, and every success teach you something new. You can only collect the snippets of knowledge if you reflect. When you reflect, you automatically review the similarities between your past and present situations, and possibly, the journey to finding the solution becomes easier.

The final part of getting yourself motivated and wrecking the “impossible” mindset, is by resetting, prepare yourself for what must come, and use the past as a steppingstone. Some issues can be handled the same way, but some will need new techniques, so reset. Personally, once I complete something, and decide to start a new task, I end the previous chapter and prepare for the next. You cannot have the mindset of a 12-year-old, if you are 16, we need to learn to move on, it is understandable that change is not easy, but it is certainly not impossible.

The World out there is not easy. It is Judgmental. Harsh. Challenging.

Someday the little bubble we live in will pop and we will be faced with new problems, things we have never heard of. Keep the if’s and but’s aside and give it a try. Try to solve it and overcome it, if you do fail then do not worry at least you tried.  People will not be with you all the time, no one will stick by you for a lifetime. Hence, we need to learn to solve our problems and make the right decisions and trust me Rewind, Reflect and Reset, will always help you.

How did you find that guys? I think it’s my first time publishing a piece like this, or maybe my second after the whole Others Success, the Impact article? Let me know in the comment section down below if you are interested in seeing more pieces like this from me! Tata everyone!❤

35 thoughts on “Rewind, Reflect, Reset! (Motivational Pep Talk)

  1. Beautiful post!! Thanks a lot cause I badly needed it today. We all have to break our bubble and face problems we’ve never heard before.
    I didn’t know that “women tend to forget about tasks they completed but remember the tasks they must complete” and now I get it!!!
    Really loved reading it ❤️

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    1. Waalaikum Salaam. I love this piece of writing. How did the competitions go? I’m sure it went well.
      Good luck with all your future endeavours. You’re so talented MaShaAllah

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      1. The competitions went great, won most of it, Allhamdulliah! We have more competitions still going on but everything is going wonderfully well!!
        Thank you soo much, for stopping by! ♥️🎈


  2. It’s a very motivating post, Nabeeha. Rewind, Reflect and Reset. That’s a great way of thinking indeed. I’m not surprised by that scientific proof. I guess that’s why my hubby is not so worked up about the impending tasks! 😂😂😂

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  3. I’d love to see more motivational like posts! I actually went to the mosque yesterday and there wa a lecture about success – I’d love to see an article about that! Great post! 💗

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  4. Wonderfully inspiring post, friend! People like you are the real influencers! 🤍 The scientific proof was very interesting 😉 When we think about it, we can attest. I don’t remember anything I finished doing either 😄

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