While the Covid-19 cases in Sri Lanka are constantly increasing and the death tolls are reaching new record highs, positivity is hard to maintain. Every single time we try to get past this virus or things start looking better, we return to square one and the cases start rising. Living with Covid-19 might even be something we would have to adapt to in the future! (Post written on the 12th of August)

Covid- 19 has stolen a lot from me, outings, physical school, meeting people, travel and soo many more things that I once thought a necessity and took for granted are now a privilege. But Covid-19 hasn’t stolen my family, my friends, my existence, and for that I am grateful. Looking past the thunderstorms might be difficult, with the constant negative news, but try to look at the brighter side. Try, that’s all I ask of you for today. Try.


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