Hello everyone! A very good morning, evening or night, depending on which part of the world you are from at the moment. Nabeeha Jameel here in case you are new! I have a really exciting announcement to make today, so get reading!

I want to take a moment to be grateful for all the support that everyone has constantly given me throughout this new landscape of a journey (almost at 1K). Now, introducing THE STORIES THAT CHANGE US SERIES.

As bloggers people don’t see us, they read our words, they scan our photos. But have you ever wondered, how much of YOU do your readers know about? I am in no way referring to your physical appearances, I am thinking of what’s inside. Your soul, what you are without your blogging name and without your face/ profile picture. Our names and appearances are simply disguises to make us look camouflaged in this world that wants us to fit in (be normal). But I say be different. 

Stories that changed us, is a project or you may call it a series, where BrainStorms features bloggers and random people around the world, not their faces, but the stories, journeys, moments and years in their life that changed them. Every person gets to share with us one life experience that completely or partially transformed their life.

Social media has become a virtual space that I can no longer relate to. Filtered lives, Filtered faces and Filtered content. BrainStorms wants to change that. I want my readers to be able to relate to what I write. I want them to go like “OMG, this is soo real life”, that’s what this blog is aiming at. Our readers need to know us for the people we truly are and for the challenges that we have gracefully aged through. Hence, Stories that Changed Us is being introduced.

A few guidelines to keep in mind if you want to take featured:

1. The story should be your own. It strictly cannot be fiction. The purpose of the series is to bring out real life stories that have changed your life. 

2. You can choose to be an anonymous contributor. If not your blog will be linked and you will be given credit.

3. Most of my readers are teenagers, and my blog caters to a younger audience. Hence, it will be great if your writing masterpiece is suitable for a younger audience. (Simply- please avoid adult content)

4. A word count between 500 to 1000 is preferred.

I already have a few volunteers who have come forward to be a part of this series! And believe me when I tell you that I am super grateful! Join me in my journey of spreading positivity, showing others the truth and inspiring people to talk of their struggles. If you want your story, journey or moment of transformation to be featured on my blog then let me know through the comments section or email me at


  1. Yayay! Totally love this series idea. Apologies for the delay in sending in my article – I actually wrote this piece but later I felt it was too too too personal to share – and now I’m writing something else. Which I will share with you tomorrow. ♥️

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  2. This is such an awesome initiative! I love how you want people to be real 💜
    The internet doesn’t always seem real but I’m sure this series is gonna be so real! I’m gonna try to contribute it might take a while though 💜😃


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