Hola everyone! I am started school three days ago and my life’s going to get super hectic again, don’t worry though, I will not abandon this blog or go on a long unplanned break for a while at least😏. The post I decided to publish today is an interesting one, I have literally been waiting to draft this in like forever. Living in Sri Lanka means that India is a close neighbor, certain cultures reflect off India and land in Sri Lanka, so does some of the food! My parents often tell me that I should have been born in an Indian household because my obsession over Indian food takes an extreme form.🤨 None of my family members enjoy Indian food as much as I do. Time to rank my Indian food cravings from 1 to 5!

1. Kutly

Number one on the list is -drumroll please- Kutly 🤩. Kutly is basically, mini idlis soaked in Sambar and I LOVE it. I mostly get it from this restaurant called Shanmugas near my home and I love it (count the times I use these words in this post😂). My mum recently started making plain idly, let me tell you that they are super soft, I soak them in my grandma’s sambar and make my own version of Kutly. For some reason throughout my life, I have been a MAJOR sambar fan, there used to be a time when I literally ate rice with sambar only. The sambar obsession is real.

2. Biriyani

I could eat this for lunch for the rest of my life. PERIOD. The basmati rice, with chicken, coated with gravy and cooked with a bunch of Indian spices, now that’s what I am living for. I literally visit and look up posts that read “Best Biriyani in Colombo” and test the biriyani from those places. But I think if I visit India the biriyani taste would probably be different, like the authentic one? If you are reading this post, and you have an amazing + authentic biriyani recipe, let me know in the comment section down below! 😃

3. Dosa

This is a classic. I am pretty sure that most people have already heard about dosa during some point of their lives. I typically prefer to eat dosa with sambar and a coconut chutney. There are several different types of dosa but I prefer the plain ones.

4. South Indian Thali

Another lunch favorite of mine. The platter always has a mixture of something sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. The magic happens when you mix all these elements with rice, it balances out nicely and the taste is simply amazing😋. The platter normally consists of a few vegetables, rasam, sambar, dessert, papad and may even contain a small paratha or poori.

5. Gulab Jamun

The list consists of Kutly and Dosa, which could be consumed for dinner, biriyani and South Indian Thali which are dishes for lunch. The only thing missing is dessert, and Gulab Jamun is a perfect option for me! We often tend to make Gulab Jamun at home too, especially during the time of eid. As mentioned in a previous post: basically, Gulab Jamun is an Indian sweet mainly made of milk solids and flour. I love making this sweet with my entire family during Eid, basically we make a dough, roll it into small little spheres, which have an oil bath and end up having a precise layer of bronze. The Gulab Jamuns aren’t complete if they aren’t dunked in a bowl of sticky, sugary syrup. Gulab Jamuns taste wonderful especially when they are completely soaked in the sugary syrup.

That is my top five list, I was drooling throughout, JK! 😂 But honestly, Indian Cuisine is amazing you have to give it a try. Check out BrainStorms’ Pinterest account if you haven’t already, wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!💗


  1. Sambhar is life!!!!!!!! ❤
    As a South Indian – I totally approve of all your choices even though I am vegetarian so biryani doesn't make it to my list.
    I am from near Mangalore (but born and brought up in Delhi) and we have some really kickass sea food and chicken curries that are made in Manglorean style. So whenever things are better, I hope you visit us and I'll make you have those too. They are so so so good.

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    1. Well said, Sambhar is! I really want to master the art of making it!💕
      Omg Sea food as well, could Indian cuisine get any better! Cannot wait to visit India soon, glad I have you to rely on for food recommendations. Mangalorean food sounds amazinggg!!🙌🤩


  2. I hadn’t heard of kutly. Sounds like a short form for kutty idli 😀. Kutty is small in Malayalam. I love idly with sambhar. And I literally drink sambhar. I pour a lot of it over my idlis and smash them together. It tastes heavenly. Your post was extremely mouth-watering and the thought of these foods is making my mouth water even more! I love Biriyani too. There are a lot of YouTubers who post authentic recipes. You can check them out. I love dosas, gulab jamuns and rasgullas too!

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    1. Yes, I know some tamil as well, so kutty sounds familiar! We should call ourselves the Sambhar Gang! 🤩🙌
      Sorry I have got you feeling hungry now!😂
      Ooh I’ll check those recipes out! I haven’t tried Rasgullas yet, I’ll look for it in Sri lanka and give it a try! 😋

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      1. Oh yes, the sambhar gang indeed! It’s okay. I’ve got my evening snack now 😂
        There are a lot of sweets – kaju katli, badushah, burfi…
        I hope you’ll be able to try them.. Do let us know via another post 😃

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  3. Gulab Jamoon and South Indian Thali is my favs. Also, we eat dosa for everyday breakfast.Well, it’s kinda boring to eat same everyday. But I still love it! Great post Nabeeha

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    1. Omg lucky, in Sri Lanka we mostly have bread, bun or milk rice for breakfast🙌. I would love having dosa every day, but I can understand once you eat it often it gets a bit boring.

      Thank you Vanya!💕

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  4. Oh I LOVE biryani! And Gulab Jamun is just heaven.
    I’m not a huge fan of South Indian food but I love Sambhar Vada. It’s like Kutly, only we add fried Vadas in the Sambhar instead of idlis.

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  5. It seems that many people here don’t know anything about kutly. Let me tell you~ Even I don’t know😅.
    If it is a short form of idli then why they make it small in the first place? I mean it takes some extra effort.
    BTW, I love fried idli along with coconut chutney.
    Dosa and Gulab Jamun too are my favorites.

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  6. Woah, you just made me hungry. The wonder is ‘briyani’ can light up my mood like no one else can. Indian foods are the best ❤️❤️
    You are right, gulab jamun makes the perfect dessert!! 😋

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  7. If you love the tip of the iceberg so much, I’m sure you would love the whole of our cuisine!
    Your favourites seem to be majorly dominated by the South Indian cuisine, understandably, since that part of India is the closest to Sri Lanka. And dosa is my favourite too 😛
    I’m sure you would love the North, East and West Indian dishes too! Our street food, our regular homemade dishes passed on through generations, and ofcourse the exotic delicacies, I believe you would love them all. Do try them asap!! ❤

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  8. Most of your favorites are a part of the South Indian cuisine! And oh my gosh I love dosa!! Don’t get me started on Gulab Jamun please 😭 Haven’t tried Kutly but I’ve had Idli and Sambhar so well I guess I’m close to knowing how it tastes 😂😂

    PS – Have you ever tried Indian street food? I’m a huge fan 😭😂

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