Aloha! Nabeeha Jameel here, your lifestyle blogger and the only face behind BrainStorms! 😂 With the AS, OL, IGSCE, and A-Level examinations approaching, the youth are in a state of panic, or at least some of us are, I am. Normally at this time of the year students are well prepared with at least half of their syllabus content (looks at myself and thinks “Am I?” 🙄). To aid the whole study process I decided to share my bunch of tips to make your lives easier. With 12 years in the school industry, I have tried and failed many times in my attempt to study smart and not hard, so trust me these tips can do wonders!

Concentrate During Class Hours

Now, this is quite a challenging thing to do, especially with online classes, Instagram notifications pouring in and a never-ending stream of WhatsApp messages, it is hard to keep your fingers off your phone😣. But you must do it. Concentrating during class hours does miracles, it helps you make connection with the data you already have in your mind, and when you plan on revising the subject, you can do it much faster because the information is not new to you😃. If you have any doubts, clear it on the spot, don’t ever delay it and think you can ask later. The later becomes tomorrow, next week, next month and then never😁 (all been there haven’t we?). Don’t let your doubts accumulate, clarify with your teacher immediately. Another helpful thing that you can do when your teacher is teaching is jot down notes, keywords at least! The notes are better off been colorful, it helps you remember way better🥳, even scientific proof notes that when you write things down you remember way better.  Listen to every word that your teacher tells you and try to form a mind map in your head relating your previous and current topic. Use visual imagery🧠, even if your teacher plainly states the facts, form images in your head relating to it, trust me it does wonders, even if you forget the text the images would still linger around.


Concentrating only during class hours is not going to make a difference if you do not do your revision later😬. When you listen to something once it will not magically stick to your mind (only if information could diffuse from the book to our brains, down the concentration gradient!😂), you need to expose yourself to it every once and then, or the information that you collect everyday will push the knowledge all the way to the back. Many teachers advise you to revise whatever is taught at school once you reach home, if you have the time then do it, but personally for me this never works.

  1. Because I don’t have the time, due to classes and other extra-curricular. 2.
  2. Homework sucks up most of my time, and honestly, I really do not want to study the whole day from 7 30 in the morning till bedtime, naha, I need a break.

If it works for you then fine by me, but make sure your brain is not overloaded😵 and you are ready to face the next day in a freshened state. One thing I would always advice students to do is start studying one month prior to your school exams and at least three months prior to your board exams. DO NOT wait to study and cram information into your head the night before, it will not work, especially in AS and AL grades. Period. Start early and end early do not procrastinate. Towards the end the panic starts settling in, and you will not be able to do anything peacefully in a calm state of mind.😣

Do past papers from the beginning

This tip is the ONE. Right from the beginning keep practicing, find questions online, topical questions would do as well (pmt), just keep practicing even if you have finished only a chapter, try to cover the different sort of questions that the chapter may present. Don’t underestimate the power of doing past paper questions, most of the time the questions that you do won’t repeat themselves for your final exam, but the format and the structure will always be similar. Practice as much as time permits😉. One mistake I did during my O-levels was that I left all the past paper questions towards the end thinking that I want to finish the syllabus and attend to them, but towards the end I didn’t have the time to study the paper or the question formats (DON’T do this).😑

Having done my O-levels I learnt a lot of mistakes that I committed wen it comes to studying for my board exams. Luckily, Allhamdulliah (all praise to Allah)🤩 I realized them, and I am fixing them. I don’t want my readers to commit the same mistakes that I made, hence, decided to make this post. Hope you guys learnt a lot from it! I also did a post with regards to study tips earlier on, and I think you guys should check that out for more information.

Enjoy studying, we are honestly blessed that our parents are able to provide us with a education🥰. Don’t ever take it for granted, many are yearning to be where you are now, don’t stress yourself but do your best and try. If you still fail there is no harm because you tried, learned and fought💪🏽!

Logging off, have a great weekend!💖

6 thoughts on “STUDY TIPS for BOARD EXAMS!!

  1. I’m so glad I’m done with my IGCSEs and A levels Alhamdulilah 😂 how’re your exams going?! It’s been sooo long omg!
    I love the part about being grateful for education! It’s so important!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s going fine! Practicals haven’t been started yet for AS so that worries me a LOT. I am not too sure if school has requested for exemptions. Honestly, a bit worried about the examinations this time, things are soo uncertain and most of our learning was online!😥😯

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry about it!! And hey, if you ever need help, I got you!! Especially if it’s the sciences because that’s what I took hehe 😂
        The grade boundaries will for sure be quite low, I mean look at the October/November session.
        I know it’s hard, but you got this! There are thousands in the same boat and they’ll def go easy on everyone iA! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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