Hello everyone, I wrote this post about an year back and to my surprise it performed absolutely well. Hence, I decided to repost it for those of you who didn’t get to read it!

Howdy there! To all my loyal followers and random people surfing the internet! I am super elated to WELCOME you to my blog! My name is Nabeeha Jameel, btw, if you are new! 💝! I would love if you can smash that subscribe button, because you seriously do not want to miss out on all the amazing content! (Sorry about all those exclamation marks btw, I am just SUPER EXCITED today for some reason! 😂)

Enough of ramble and excitement (note to me- Nabeeha Jameel, girl, get on with the blog post!!), let us directly dive into this post.

Now, I wanted to draft up this post mainly because each time I visit a post named “How to gain more followers on WordPress” or “How to gain more views on your blog post”, one point all bloggers have to include is, have social media, promote your posts on social media, and as a person, who didn’t use social media to influence her blog, I was shook! So, I decided that I need to make a post for all the bloggers out there, who do not have social media accounts for their blogs, on how to grow their blogs WITHOUT social media! 😃! Here it goes:

  • Interact with other bloggers

This my friends, is the key to success! If you do not interact you are not going to get anywhere, TRUST ME (girl speaking with experience😅)! Someone is not just going to stumble upon your blog, in a world 🗺 full of soo many blogs, the secret is, you need to make them stumble upon your blog, then they read your posts, like them and fall in love with your content, that they suddenly decide to subscribe (ahh a happy ending for everyone isn’t it?) 😁! Now when I mean visiting their blog, I CLEARLY do not me liking all their posts without reading them, that my friends are not at all nice! You need to visit blogs that match your niche and get to know those bloggers well, converse with them and comment on their posts, and basically be friends with those bloggers, and if they like you enough they will come back and check out your blog. Voila! It is all about interacting, interacting, and interacting!

  • Be consistent

If there is any other key that will fit perfectly into the keyhole (that will open the door to a successful blogging career), then that is THIS! I post twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday, and to be completely honest with you guys, I have not missed a single day of the week since I started, Masha Allah (what God has willed)! I also make sure to post at the same time, precisely 1:30 pm Sri Lanka timing. 😄! I might also have an extra post or two released during the week, that are not soo important, but my main posts always go out on Tuesday or Friday. Now, if you are releasing only one post  a week then it’s alright, but the more the better, I speak out of experience, the time I started publishing two posts a week, I received more traffic and views than publishing only one post per week! 😅! So, make sure you have a schedule in hand, and stick to it, try not to desert your blog for long periods of time, because your views and follower count will completely drop!

  • Publish QUALITY posts

I told you guys to be consistent, didn’t I? Well listen up peeps, if you are going to publish super short posts, or post that just do not pass the mark of attracting loyal followers, you are not going to get anywhere! Your posts need to be engaging and must be able to mesmerize your readers into thinking that you are IT, you are that one blogger who they have been looking for, it needs to include pictures, talk about topics that are presently trending, for example you don’t release a post on “What you SHOULD wear in summer”, during winter! Like what? NO! You have got to get the timing right! Also do not try to be too formal with your posts too, you have got to engage with your readers, maybe add some emoji’s here and there, and crack a joke? 😁! Add some CHARISMA, SPARKLE, and a LOT of meaningful words, JUST BE YOU! 😎! If you want me to do a post on how to publish quality posts, them let me know, I will do it for you!

Follow these three tips, and you will be halfway there, trust me, you will not need to rely on social media traffic at all! So start PRACTICING y’ll!

That’s it for Today Stormies! Hope you guys enjoyed reading! And if you do have any question don’t hesitate to approach me!💖💓


  1. This is really very informative ☺️ Most of the tips I’d read till date did encourage social media promotion and as someone not very active on social media, I found it discouraging. So, thank you for this post 😁😁

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  2. All great tips! I myself have taken a break from my social media platforms and I have actually gained more followers on all of them in my absence. I’m very careful with my energy and where I put my focus. These tips are ones I myself imploy and can attest to working. Great share😊

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      1. Girrrrl, you are exactly right!! It’s my full time job rn along with holding shamanic healing sessions. It takes a lot of effort and time plus interacting. We got this and it can be done in unconventional ways 2✌💗😊

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  3. Thank you for sharing some wonderful tips 😊 I started blogging 2 months back, initially for about more than a month my follower count was below 50 and I got so disappointed assuming nobody is liking my posts. Then I started interacting and pheww.. I now have Alhamdulillah 160+ followers and it really feels awesome 😀
    Thanks again
    Take care

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  4. Great post! I have been posting a lot on social media to try to increase traffic and get followers. It has been exhausting. I really enjoy blogging, but am spending most of my time on social media. I am going to try these tips 😊

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  5. You made some awesome points in your write up! Thanks for sharing! Web traffic is crazy important for serps, seo, and potentially making sales or even just getting that ad revenue! Keep it up!


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