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HELLO EVERYONE! I am really really excited, because I hit 1000 followers on this blog last night. It really means a lot to me. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT. I couldn’t have asked for more from this amazing blogging community.

Ever since I started blogging, 1K has been something that I’ve constantly anticipated. Numbers aren’t everything and I agree a 1000%, but it means something knowing that 1000 people read your content and believe in you! I cannot fathom the fact that I started with 1 follower just a year and a half back and now that number has been multiplied by 1000. Thank you everyone for believing in me.

A few shout outs to some amazing bloggers who have stuck by me throughout, they always comment on my posts and make my day extra amazing.

A special thank you for the extra care through the comments, Shweta, Filarance, Reva, Divi, Sonali and SamSahana! There are soo many more of you, and if you are reading this then you are part of the gang too.

Honestly hitting 1K is just going to motivate me further to keep going and climb the blogging ladder even further. I am ready to get this going. ✊🏽 Bye everyone and please stay safe! To the new bloggers out there, it’s not impossible, believe in yourself and you can reach great heights.

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