Ayubowan everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while now, then you’ll know that Ayubowan directly translates to Welcome. Ayubowan is the Sinhalese term that we fellow Sri Lankans use to greet others! How do you greet people in your country? Let me know in the comment section down below. Moving on with the post!

According to Merriam Webster the definition of a blog is as follows,

Blogging wasn’t a foreign term to me when I started 1.5 years back, but it certainly was when I was 13. I heard about it at school and decided to do some exploring into what blogging actually means. After countless hours of skimming through articles and watching videos on YouTube. I understood that blogging was for me. Blogging was what I had been looking for, for soo long. Here’s why I started blogging:


As a child, my parents had control over my life and my mental health and safety was their utmost priority. Hence, I wasn’t allowed to have any social media accounts. No Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. While children my age were happily bonding over social media and talking of this and that, I felt a bit left out on that aspect. Blogging seemed like a perfect mix in that sense, I wasn’t going to have people following me over my pictures and captions, instead, I was going to have people following me based on my articles. On top of that, I will finally have a platform to express myself. Blogging was my form of social media.


The blogging community of WordPress is wonderful. This, I got to know after I started blogging. Before I started, I’ve always wanted to make connections with other people, not only in Sri Lanka but around the world.


A glimpse into my about page, that I penned down just after creating BrainStorms.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that this goal is a long term one. I came out into this world with this in mind. I want to change this world and I know it’s not an easy goal, but nothing is impossible. BrainStorms has proved to be a platform where I can put my thoughts out into the world and meet people with similar goals.


Glimpse into a strip of my Canva designs!

WordPress was a fairly new platform when I started blogging. After spending about 1.5 years on it, my skills have progressed, despite the 101 updates. I have mastered the art of creating and maintaining a website on WordPress. If you’ve been a follower for quite some time then you for sure would’ve noticed my improvement in writing articles. To be quite honest, a few weeks back I went through a few of my older articles, and Goodness Me there’s a drastic, positive change. Digital designing is another thing blogging has helped me learn. Featured images, blog banners, Pinterest posts, my designing skills I must say have certainly improved.

Those are my reasons! Let me know on why you started blogging. I know that it was a mini post, not too much of text, which might seem a bit unusual since, I always have a lot to say. Exams are around the corner, and I have soo much to do! Bye for now!

20 thoughts on “WHY I STARTED BLOGGING?

  1. Ahh this is such a great post. I’m so glad you found blogging and I can understand you considering it as a form of expression. WordPress over insta, fb and whatsapp is a great choice because it helps us to improve and embrace ourselves compared to other social medias and its toxic trends.

    Vanakkam is the term we used to greet people in tamil nadu, India. 🙏🏻

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  2. Remarkable post! It’s very visible that you’ve reaped so many benefits from blogging. Your journey is very interesting. It’s the least toxic version of social media. Less personal, more privacy, yet people get to know you better than they can with your pics. Great post, friend! 💖

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  3. I only have Twitter, but I use it for blogging. Canva is definitely a great tool for blogging, I’ve used it since day one of my blog! Thanks for sharing, this post was amazing!

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      1. Yes of course! It’s better for promoting rather than other social media platforms. I usually tweet new posts of mine on there and it’s also helpful to stay updated on what going on around the world. Np!

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  4. What an amazing post! So relatable..
    I started blogging the moment I discovered I could write and actually inspire someone. I was looking for the perfect social media to actually voice my thoughts for the world to read. A friend of mine introduced me to blogging and ever since then, it’s been an amazing journey.
    I joined few months back and I can testify it’s been a really transformational period of my life!

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