Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, I had an okayish (last) week because half of the days were spent feeling a bit unwell but pulling through🙌🏽! This post is one that I have been wanting to do in like forever, or specifically around the time I took my unplanned break in February! I have been blogging for about a year now, and it’s fair to say that I have learnt a LOT about it within the past year. So, buckle up and fix up your mindset, this post is going to be raw and a bumpy ride.


If you want to start blogging and you think you are going to crash into success overnight, monetize within three months and enjoy the chill lifestyle, well then you have got it all wrong. Blogging is in no way an easy task, you need to constantly write, think, socialize and be at the top of your game. Once readers don’t find you interesting anymore then there goes the views.

It will take you a while to start getting constant traffic and monetization is not something that you can do within the snap of a finger. Blogging takes time and is not easy. Write. Proofread. Design. Interact. 


Gosh this part of blogging annoys me, there are literally bloggers with like 5000+ followers but they only get like 100 views on average per post! EEK. That’s like 2% of your follower count. So don’t ever think that just cause your follower count is growing your traffic is going to grow. The follower count of BrainStorms is growing, Allhamdulliah (all praise is to God) but the average number of views per post is around 90, that’s simply 11% of my follower count😑. It was a bit better before I went on my unplanned break and broke my consistency record.


Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, engagement is the secret to traffic. You cannot simply publish a post and expect people to magically stumble across it, remember there are a lot of blogs out there so you need to stand out. If you want people to visit your blog then you have to visit theirs and make new friends, blogging is a two-way thing, hence, keep socializing and pay attention to your comment section. Consistency is another important aspect of blogging, don’t burnout by overposting everyday instead make it a habit to have a schedule and publish posts according to what you can do.


I love the blogosphere. It’s filled with wonderful people and soo many different cultures. I have learnt soo much from all my blogging friends, honestly to think about it, it’s such a pure relationship. I haven’t met any of them physically but believe me when I tell you I worry about them if something is amiss (always end up panicking when someone doesn’t post for a long while). The community is phenomenal and brimming with positivity. ✨


I started blogging thinking that, Nabeeha is going to be one consistent blogger and she will not go on breaks. But within 5 months I proved myself wrong, and I am happy I did. Since:

  • I returned much fresher
  • I was blog hungry (motivated to make this blog work)
  • I had plenty of content ideas

Breaks are normal and do not hesitate to go on one. It helps. Way better than suffering a burnout.

There ends the 600 words of wisdom, which literally reflect off my one year of blogging. This is my 93rd post 😂😣, we are nearing a 100! Maybe the 100th post will be a different and exciting one, I’ll get planning. If you are interested you can also check out BrainStorms’ Pinterest Account, it has kinda become my personal account as well! 😂 Any questions with regards to blogging wisdom, ask away in the comment section! Byee!

44 thoughts on “THE REALITY OF BLOGGING! #NoFilter

  1. Omg you are so true!! More number of followers will never increase your site traffic. Managing time is also difficult as I handle my college as well as think of new ideas for my blog.
    Great advices 👍🏻

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  2. I never managed to stay consistent on here. But I’m planning on posting one poem everyday this month and so far, I’ve done really well. My views have been more than ever before, I’m engaging more with other people’s content, Met many new bloggers who are just so amazing (you too dear), so yeah, I’m having a blast right now! XD

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  3. Blogging is not an easy job. I completely agree. But most of us don’t mind it because we love it! Everything you’ve written if so true. Followers don’t necessarily translate to traffic. And the blogging community is the best indeed. I’ve got a lot of friends around the world whom I’ve never met but I interact with them everyday through comments.

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    1. Glad you could agree Shweta! I feel soo relieved expressing my thoughts on my platform and knowing that I am not alone on this. At times it can get really frustrating, but the pros always tip the scale! 🙌🏽💖
      Honestly, love meeting people and learning about their cultures, it’s been a wonderful experience!

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  4. I hope that you’ll get better soon! I agree, blogging takes up the majority of my day – it takes A LOT of time and effort, contrary to popular belief. Definitely, I sometimes see bloggers with thousands of followers but also no comments on their posts – on the contrary, I sometimes see bloggers with only ten followers and yet hundreds of comments on each post. Engagement really is everything. And, yes, this community is amazing. I feel honoured to be a part of it and to have met incredible people like you 😊

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    1. Thank you, feeling better already!♥️
      Glad we could agree on what I mentioned in this post, honestly like I replied to a comment earlier it’s really nice to get feedback from other bloggers, because that’s when I realise I am not on my own! Certainly going to start writing more posts similar to this!♥️🙌

      Thank you, you are such an inspiration, I love connecting with people and you are such a wonderful human being!💕

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  5. Increase in followers will never increase your site traffic. I absolutely agree with you on this.
    This was a really interesting post and I really enjoyed reading it! As a blogger, I could relate to many situations.
    Keep going, my dear friend! ♥️

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  6. Blogging indeed isn’t a cakewalk.
    There will be ups and down within the bars(graph) of view.
    When I started blogging last year, It was related to tech or most of it. As time passed I realized that people were into humor, poetry & motivation too. So I shifted to those topics a bit & my reach improved.
    But again, being consistent while delivering quality content that readers find helpful is a heck of a task. You’ll have to look for uniqueness & something which separates your topic content from others.
    I too have noticed many times that a person with 5k or 2k followers doesn’t have enough engagement with others bloggers.
    Great post @Nabeeha.
    Have a great time ahead!

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    1. Well said Tanishq. Yes I have noticed as well, many people are attracted to humour which is a wonderful thing. I am in the process of stepping up the quality of my content and trying to come up with new ideas! Thank you for stopping by Tanishq and for the words of wisdom! Glad my post helped!✨

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  7. So well said. I totally agree with all the points.

    The higher follower count and low engagement is something I face too. I get 10% engagement on all my posts.

    And it is A LOT of work and can be exhausting and sometimes unrewarding. 😢

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  8. I’ve been in the blogosphere for only 3 months now but I simply know that your post is OOZING truth and wisdom. You’ve learnt so much and that’s really admirable. Blogging community is amazing indeed! People are so loving and you have so much to learn from everyone. Loved your vibe (as always). You are a blogger I really admire. 😊🤍

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  9. I like to think of blogging as a space where you are about to plant a flower or a tree. How ever you take care of that plant in the early stages and onward will determine how healthy it grows. I’ve always been on an off with my blogging but this time I would like to take different approaches to it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there on how blogs truly start. I don’t think blogging is difficult at all. I think it’s difficult to get into the habit of blogging and get out of the laziness. I know what you mean by the followers. I don’t like it when I get a notification that someone liked my content but there are no views. It’s pathetic. This is a great post! Thank You!

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    1. OMG soo true with regards to what you said about blogging spaces. Your blog needs care at its early stages.

      I don’t know why people even do that. Like stuff without actually reading it!😪


  10. There’s so much here that feels relatable! I’ve almost made it to my first year mark and still kind of stumble around a lot.. but everyone here has been so supportive and helpful. It’s incredible to be part of such a wonderful community!
    Fantastic post and thanks so much for sharing it!

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